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Datorama Training and Certification Help

By Vimal Eapen Revised on January 26, 2023 at 8:19 AM EST

Need Training? Mastering Datorama Fundamentals is our hands-on Datorama training service that familiarizes clients with the Marketing Cloud Intelligence platform and teaches them how to navigate its functions and features. Our program equips clients with the resources and skills needed to onboard, resolve discrepancies, map and harmonize data, create dashboards and maintain their Marketing Cloud Intelligence solution.

Get Datorama-Fit in 2 Weeks!

Through a classroom-style training approach, we offer interactive and engaging working (virtual) sessions that span from five to twenty hours, depending on your needs. This format introduces platform concepts in manageable pieces by walking through core use cases, explaining approaches, and teaching tips and tricks acquired by DF over 8+ years of Datorama implementation experience. Note: We can’t offer you Datorama certification. Only Salesforce can, but as added value, we will prepare you to take the certified, non-partner exam. Listen to our ongoing learning series, Mastering Datorama Fundamentals to better understand our approach.

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Why Select Decision Foundry as Your Datorama Training Provider?

We are Datorama’s oldest and most awarded partner. We’ve executed over 500 projects, to date. We support 4 of the 5 largest media holding companies. Our Salesforce CSAT score currently stands at 4.8 out of 5. 90 of our 125 Salesforce professionals hold multiple certifications, including Salesforce Marketing Champions and we are the creators of Data Experience Design. Review our Datorama case studies, articles and webinars.

Mastering Datorama Fundamentals: Datorama Training and Certification Exam Readiness

  • Theoretical and practical learning through training (virtual) sessions that explore the Datorama University and Success Center.
  • You learn by doing. We’ll show you how Datorama dashboards get done! Led by hands-on, certified trainers where clients set up an initial workspace and complete actual Datorama projects.
  • Hands-on Keyboard Training + Datorama Certification: Clients can also opt for the Datorama Admin Readiness Class, which positions the subject matter expert to manage small and large implementation projects.

Two Weeks Schedule (10 hours)



Week One

Kick-off/Discovery/Partner Access

DF to kick-off training program and understand the client’s current reporting practice

Platform walkthrough


Platform fundamentals and overview

Datorama Marketplace

Core platform use case

Datorama: Connect & Mix

API connectors

Data Integration layer, including best practices, tips, and tricks


Data Model

Datorama: Harmonization

Parent-Child connection

Data Blending layer, including best practices, tips, and tricks

Data Fusion

VLOOKUP, calculated dimensions, mapping formula

Harmonization Center

Custom Classification

Week Two

Datorama: Data Canvas

Dashboards and Pages

Data Visualization Layer



User and Row management

User roles

Workspace health monitoring, maintenance, and upkeep

Row usage monitoring


Admin certifications

Admin Fundamentals

Client to commence self-certification (optional)

Admin Intermediate

Data Canvas

Admin Expert (optional TBD)

Training closure

Final sign off on training

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Datorama Training: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I grant Partner Access for training?

Partner access is granted via the Manage Users tab. Click Manage Users and then navigate to the Access Invitations tab and then click Invite User. Then, enter the users email ID and click Invite. The Partner can then take care of the rest.

Can I access Session Recordings and Learning Resources?

Yes. All training sessions are recorded and hosted in a shared Google Drive repository. The same goes for all training materials like documents, schedule, and PDFs.

What are the Premium features compared to the out-of-the box features?

According to your license agreement, all standard features are enabled immediately. However, Premium features — such as Media Transparency Center, Data Lake, and Direct Connect — are only available after purchase. Contact your Salesforce Client Success Manager to gain access to these features.

What is the general training schedule in scope versus out of scope?

The general training schedule is found here. Depending on the contract, trainings are customized to fit your needs.

What is the Training duration, frequency, and type?

Training typically last for two weeks. Depending on the contract, these consist of one to 1.5 hours of working/training sessions. However, typically, we see three days a week works best.

As mentioned above, training comes in three types/styles:

  • Theoretical and practical learning explores the Datorama University and Success Center.
  • Hands-on training during which our certified trainers and clients set up an initial workspace and complete projects across an end-to-end Datorama instance.
  • Hands-on Training + Certification: Clients can also opt for the Datorama Admin Readiness Class, which positions the subject matter expert to manage small and large implementation projects.

What is the difference between Platform Training vs. Solution Training?

Platform Training consists of the full training schedule. By teaching users the core platform use cases, they learn how to use the platform, efficiently, and effectively.

Solution Training consists of tailor-made, hyper-focused training that gives clients the understanding they need to effectively use their existing Datorama setup. Users also learn what takes to maintain and scale their current instance. Scaling can include such items as adding new data sources/channels, adding and/or modifying calculated dimensions and measurements, setting up Goals and Benchmarking, modifications to visualization, and learning how to use templates within the platform in order to scale at a faster pace.

Mastering Datorama series on Linkedin sheds light on our thinking and methodology. View them here Datorama Training videos.

About Decision Foundry

Decision Foundry is a top-tier Salesforce integration partner supporting Datorama, CDP, Tableau, Tableau CRM, and Marketing Cloud. Our global team includes some of the industry’s leading practitioners in data analytics and visual communication.

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