Salesforce Marketing Cloud Professional Services

You can’t make sound marketing decisions without quality data. Our easy-to-use dashboards, measurement approaches, and business intelligence (BI) solutions, make marketing performance assessments simple and understandable.

Datorama Marketing Intelligence

The Information Age continues to grow at breakneck speed. This has led to a mass of diverse and disparate data sources, all with varying degrees of relevance and accuracy. Marketers need to trust that the information they get is both precise and complete.

To that end, Decision Foundry creates automated reports and dashboards, collated from multiple trusted data sources, catered to the needs of advertisers, agencies, and publishers alike. Through APIs, measurement, data strategy, and dashboard builds, we offer the ability to act quickly and confidently on marketing insights.

Our custom, scalable, and sustainable data solutions can drastically reduce preparation and maintenance efforts, to give you more time to focus on driving value and act on current trends.

Our services include Datorama data audits, affordable implementation support, managed services, custom visualizations, Datorama training, and Data Engineering.

Datorama solves for marketers’ biggest data challenges

Tableau: Simplify Data Analysis and Exploration

Decision Foundry is a leader in Tableau Consulting and dashboard management. We can help you document, build, and automate new reporting solutions, or extend the value of your existing infrastructure.

Our dedicated team of professionals have hundreds of implementations under their belts and we’re just getting started.

When you partner with Decision Foundry, you’re collaborating with certified Tableau professionals. Our unrivaled data user experience produces profound insights through augmented dashboards enriched by AI for an even deeper understanding of your data.

Our services include Tableau Consulting, Tableau Dashboards and Tableau Training

Organize your data with Tableau

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Decision Foundry’s implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud services helps you evaluate your business’s priorities so you can get the most out of the platform. Our team will be with you every step of the way: from those quick, early gains to establishing long-term customer journeys. We’ll get your team on its feet in the planning, personalization, and optimization of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

We’ll give you all the tools and knowledge you need to know your customers, reach your customers, and retain your customers with the right campaigns at the right time

Get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Managed Services

Our dedicated team of Salesforce-certified personnel can help you optimize your solution, reduce expenses, and get the most out of your investment.

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Award-winning Data Visualizations

We’re sure our work is something special, but you don’t have to take our word for it. See for yourself. As a Salesforce consultant, we can make sense of your scattered data points, collating and connecting them into visualized performance marketing data.

11 Tips for Designing Data Experiences

Data Cloud Taxonomy Management

It’s official. CampTag™ Taxonomy Auditor is now a part of the Salesforce Marketplace. Built for Data Cloud, CampTag brings visual auditing to your marketing campaigns, identifying everything from invalid UTM parameters to inconsistent naming and duplicate campaigns.

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Datorama Benchmarking App

We’ve created our first Marketing Cloud Marketplace App. Built to help clients understand key performance indicators (KPIs) by evaluating them against dynamically set benchmarks.

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Dynamic Sunburst Chart on Tableau Exchange

The Dynamic Sunburst Chart is a Tableau extension built and maintained by Decision Foundry. The Sunburst Chart visualize hierarchical data and provide quick summaries.

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