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Datorama Data Canvas:
Building Custom Dashboards

May 03, 2022

The purpose of this document is to outline the process, tools and systems we’ve defined to create a modern data product or application within Datorama. We call it “Data Experience Design,” and it’s one of several services we provide our clients.

Datorama Data Canvas: Building Custom Visualizations in Datorama

Datorama, now known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence is recognized for its exceptional data management and reporting automation capabilities. While it isn’t known for visual excellence, Data Canvas’s underlying features put Datorama in a class by itself. With a little bit of data creativity, users can manipulate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all supported in Datorama, to create truly memorable data experiences through Data Canvas. Listen to our CEO talk about the design of data experiences – our signature approach to delivering effective visual communication.

Here, we’ll walk through the various methods in which Datorama allows you to create robust user interfaces. With a combination of CSS and JavaScript libraries as well as HTML, Datorama’s Data Canvas can be extended dramatically.

What is Datorama Data Canvas and Why It’s a Difference Maker?

Marketers are responsible for using data to communicate the effectiveness of their campaigns. These results are then often communicated through PowerPoint slides, automated reports, and dashboards. The challenge is that, although data visualization platforms make onboarding, blending and visualizing data simple enough, effective data visualizations are missing. Fortunately, Datorama wields several tools that make effective visual communication with data possible, beginning with Data Canvas

Out of the box, Datorama through Data Canvas has more than 135 different types of widgets to bring marketing data to life. Further, because Datorama allows for the further integration of popular JavaScript libraries — like jQuery, Vue, Bootstrap, Materialize, and Highcharts — the universe of available widgets can be extended exponentially.

Out of the box, Datorama Data Canvas allows marketers of all levels to quickly create customized visualizations with Native Highcharts. Using Datorama’s Canvas editor, beautiful out-of-the-box visuals can be easily accessed, but if you want something truly signature for your project you may want to consider our custom Data Design services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Decision Foundry Deliver a Better Data Experience Though Data Canvas?

As Datorama’s oldest user of the platform , we’ve learned to exploit the inherent capabilities of Data Canvas. Our combination of data designers, front end developers, and certified implementation engineers, have turned data communication into a neo-artform. See 12 Tips for Building Better Data Experiences in Datorama.

On average, how long does it take to deliver custom visuals?

Depending on the number of pages and widgets you require, we can complete your project in as little as three weeks.

How much does it cost?

Assuming you’ve already built your dashboards within Datorama pricing can start as low as $10,000.

Can I see samples of your portfolio?

Yes, you can see examples of our work on our Datorama Resources page. You can also see a portion of our portfolio within our 11 Tips for Designing a Better Data Experience. After executing an MNDA, you will gain access to our entire portfolio.

I have a special visualization requirement. Can you do something truly customized?

Sure, bring it on! All our projects are customized. In general, if we can create it in Photoshop or Figma, there’s a strong likelihood we can develop it in Datorama.

After you’ve built our solution, is it easy to maintain?

We’ll provide you with written documentation and training to maintain your solution, but if you want to continue to create new custom visualizations, you’ll need someone familiar with CSS and JavaScript.

Are you open to developing multiple projects with us?


Are you a certified Salesforce Partner?

Yes, currently we are certified in Datorama, CDP, Marketing Cloud, Tableau and Tableau CRM — with more on the way.

I’m not very creative and I don’t have a creative department, will you still work with me?

Yes. We don’t need much to get started. A little of your time, a brand style guide, and a few approved pieces of creative are all we need to get started.

Is Decision Foundry a Design Studio?

No, and we don’t pretend to be but we are a group of creative data practitioners. We’ve been manipulating data for clients for nearly two decades.

Can you design something specific for a Mobile experience?

Yes, but some customization is required and deliverable timelines will vary.

How can I get started?

Reach out to our Visual Effects Team or call us directly to discuss your project.




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