Steering Forward

Unlocking the Future of Insights with
Marketing Cloud Intelligence


Steering Forward

Unlocking the Future of Insights with Marketing Cloud Intelligence

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What we do

Marketing Cloud Consulting

We know that organizing data can be challenging and messy. If you’re struggling to get the most out of your Salesforce investment, are short on resources, or simply want to speed up the learning and delivery process, talk to Decision Foundry™. While managed services are helpful to many of our clients, the data is constantly changing and flowing. And who better to adapt to those changes in the moment than you? That’s why we don’t just build the tools to manage your data, but we teach you how to best use those tools on your own. We document, deliver, and train you on how to maintain your individual Salesforce solution so you become self-sufficient.

Datorama Marketing Intelligence

Datorama support and implementation services drastically improve reporting automation and speed up deployments to give you more time to focus on customer value and less on creating reports.

Tableau: Simplify Data Analysis and Exploration

We help you document, build, and automate new Tableau reporting solutions. We can also extend the value of your existing reporting and data infrastructure.

Tableau: Simplify Data Analysis and Exploration

Inspire action and loyalty by making every brand experience authentic. We help our customers build long-term, relationships at scale through personalized communications.

What We Deliver

Award-winning Visualizations

We’ve created the standard in effective data communication


Our brand may be new to you, but our approach to delivering exceptional data services isn’t.

Our Certified Salesforce Consulting services provide decades of experience in data strategy, marketing analytics, and visual communication. Visualization is dead. Long live visual communication. Visualization is only effective when the data is understood, credible, relevant and acted upon.

And just like you, we’re data students, too. We’ve studied how data services are being used commercially in finance, media, gaming, and entertainment. Now, we’ve brought those insights to performance marketing analytics.

What We Believe

While Salesforce has made onboarding and integrating data easier, with every data project, we deliver value that goes far beyond automated reports and dashboards. Combined with our onboarding and delivery process, it is our commitment and promise to our clients to give them the knowledge and skills they need to understand the value behind the numbers.

Our Leadership Team

Seby Kallarakkal

Executive Chairman

Ross Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Cohen

Strategy & Enablement

Anoop Nagendra


Mike Danforth

Sales and Marketing

Kim Garner

Client Success

Aishwarya Bhatt


Praveen Dalal

People Functions


Join our Award-winning Data Team

Bring your analytics chops and your interest in Marketing Cloud, Adtech, and Business Intelligence. Help us continue to build exceptional data experiences that drive customer value.

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Are you building out a first-time Marketing Cloud project, or do you need short-term managed services?

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