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Unlocking the Future of Insights with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence

October 17, 2023

5 Use Cases Marketing Cloud Intelligence Solves for the Enterprise Marketer

“Marketers are tasked with using information to boost business growth, an impressive 94% believe they play a crucial role in this process. Their primary goal, proving the impact of their marketing efforts on business (financial) success. Yet, there is a hurdle: they need a full view of their data across all channels. A significant 98% of Marketers highlight this need.”

Sources: 3rd Edition Marketing Intelligence Report, The CMO Survey: Managing Brand, Growth, and Metrics (2023)

The New Dawn in Marketing: Embracing Generative AI

The transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in marketing is undeniable, with 71% of marketers believing that generative AI will redirect their focus towards more strategic endeavors. However, the glittering promise of AI is not without pitfalls. At the core of these challenges lies a fundamental axiom: Bad Data combined with AI results equals Bad Insights. The spectrum of issues range from incomplete data sets, flawed data taxonomy, to AI biases and hallucinations. With a significant 21% of advertising investments wasted due to poor data quality, and a majority 80% of marketers grappling with measuring multi-channel marketing effectiveness, the challenges are palpable.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence: A Master Data Federator

Amid this complexity, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Intelligence emerges. Designed to optimize marketing efficacy and budgetary allocations, it ensures data quality with flexible ingestion and modeling tools. What’s more, it empowers marketers with a full view of campaign performance, triggering data-driven decisions through its Action Center platform.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence exists because the domain of enterprise marketing is fraught with challenges, including:

Siloed Teams: Regional operational concentration.

Siloed Data: Data analyzed in isolation, yielding only rudimentary insights.

Service Mindset: Operations pivoting around request fulfillment.

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Intelligence is engineered to bridge these gaps. Advertisers and Agencies now have a transparent view of the lead-to-customer journey, comprehend data coverage gaps, to master attribution, insights and measurement.

Five Intelligence use cases for enterprises

Marketing Cloud Intelligence underscores five cardinal use cases for businesses:

Integration and Standardization: Crafting a holistic customer profile.

Dashboarding and Reporting: Monitoring and visualizing campaign impacts.

Marketing Attribution: Deciphering the most efficacious strategies and understanding ROI.

So, how does Marketing Cloud Intelligence ensure rapid delivery of insights? It achieves this through stellar data quality and governance, integration, and standardization, even when data is sourced from myriad channels.

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Key Intelligence Features Include:

  • Linking dozens of data sources through unique identifiers.
  • Data lake implementation to manage cold storage.
  • Apps from Salesforce versatile marketplace.

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The Bottom Line for Enterprise Marketers:

It’s a fact. Unifying marketing data allows an enterprise to gain a complete, integrated view of its customers. By aggregating data from various sources such as social media, email, and website interactions, brands can understand customer behavior and preferences better, enabling more targeted and personalized marketing efforts while maximizing cost efficiencies. This takes time, talent, patience and strategy, but it is no longer an aspiration, it’s a business mandate.

About Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence remains a standout in offering data quality and governance solutions that scale. Intelligence offers:

  • Visibility across multiple databases.
  • Seamless data transformation, fusion, classification, and monitoring.

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