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Decision Foundry’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation services helps you assess your business priorities to get the most out of the platform. Our team will be with you every step of the way: from those quick, early wins to long-term, personalized customer journeys.

Deploy the right campaign at the right time — with the right offering.

  • Know your customers
  • Reach your customers
  • Keep your customers
Salesforce Service

Today’s rapidly changing, competitive marketing environment demands you connect and engage with your customers.

Salesforce can drive your digital marketing efforts, help you understand your customers, and change your relationship with customers to improve business outcomes.

Marketing Cloud is the unified platform to effortlessly monitor and operate your online marketing tasks to better:

How Does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Work?

Marketing Cloud deploys Artificial Intelligence and Automation to target customer with clear, appropriate digital marketing strategies. Through primary, secondary, and third-party data, it drives growth by finding unexploited customer segments.

Overcome Common Marketing Strategy Challenges


Marketing Cloud helps you better understand your customers’ preferences and choices — it learns their interests, purchasing patterns, and preferred communication methods. Combining all these makes for a highly personalized experience to better connect with your customers.

Connecting Disparate Data Sources

With customer data flying all over the place from different sources, fetching the most important information can be a chore. Marketing Cloud connects all this information and puts into a single, unified platform.

Customer Behavior Prediction

If can you predict your customers’ behavior, you can meet them where they are. Einstein AI can forecast customer behavior based on recent engagements and adjusts the journey path accordingly. You can also personalize interactions and offer relevant content to better schedule your marketing activities.

Need a Marketing Cloud Demo or Implementation Services?

Want to get the most out of your new Marketing Cloud investment? Consider our quick start services. Or, if you are an existing Salesforce Datorama customer, try our consultant services to assess your current deployment. With Decision Foundry, we’ll help with the planning, personalization, and optimization of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. Schedule a hassle-free discovery call today.

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