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Decision Foundry is a top-tier, certified, Marketing Cloud Intelligence (FKA Datorama) partner, providing support, data design, and implementation services. We TEACH you how to use your data more effectively. We DOCUMENT your use case so you can maintain it. And we DELIVER a measurably better data experience.

We understand what slows marketing decision-making

  • Poor taxonomy and Information Design
  • Missing strategic measurement and learning objectives
  • Unspecified goals
  • Lack of accountability
Datorama Service

We design and develop purposeful dashboards that get adopted

Dashboards and automated reports are great, but they don’t necessarily lead to better decision making. Technology only takes us so far. We need a framework that changes the way we think about and use data to avoid the ‘dash-bored’ trap.

We use Datorama to drive Marketing Performance

Custom, AI-powered Insights

Salesforce Einstein for AI powered insights or a custom, data model. It’s your choice. Gain flexibility by quickly combining marketing data from any source, database, or cloud-based platform.

Centralized Data Model

Harmonize and unify campaign data within a centralized data model. Automatically classify information into tailored data models to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

Insight Automation

Custom, cross-platform automation of insights. Instantly share marketing data to turn insights into action via email, SMS, and Slack through Action Center.

Powerful Data Connectors

Automate your dashboards and reports with the help of Data connectors or we can create something truly custom for you when the API just isn’t good enough.

Customizable Widgets

Highly customizable, signature visualizations and dashboards using Custom Text Widgets. No other partner compares. See our short portfolio.

Near and Real Time Reporting

Deliver near-time reporting. Initiate automated, customized reports by connecting to IFFTTT, Slack, webhooks, and more.

Ready for a Datorama Upgrade?

Our Work


We deliver signature work designed to visualize business impact. For nearly a decade, we’ve studied commercial applications of data and learned to enhance any dashboard by manipulating the underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks to deliver memorable, award-winning data experiences.

Tier-One, Certified Support

There is a way forward and despite the challenges of overcoming data inertia, there is assistance. As a preferred partner, we’ve been featured at Limitless and Salesforce Dreamforce ’22 and most recently, World Tour D.C. We have provided short and long term implementation support for hundreds of clients including some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Creating custom, automated reports, and dashboards, for advertisers, agencies, and publishers or re-imagining existing dashboards and custom widgets.

Want to see the difference, download our short portfolio and you will see just how far we can push the platform.

We elevate dashboards

We have 146 dedicated, data professionals. Decision Foundry has the tools and resources to bring out the best in your marketing campaigns, performance and dashboards. Through our support, you’ll reach more customers, optimize marketing spend, and sharpen your focus on marketing intelligence.


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Unique data sources activated for our clients, including custom APIs


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