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We know why you produce so many reports but deliver few insights

  • Unable to unify or automate data across disparate systems and platforms
  • Lack a cohesive data strategy and roadmap
  • Too many reports and too few resources to deliver them
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We make your big data challenges small

Our focus on project onboarding, project management, and the data user experience drives customer adoption, satisfaction, and an even deeper understanding of your data and how to activate it.


Discovery Sessions

Our “data ignition” sessions help you determine the appropriate measurements, data, insights, and processes required to resolve reporting automation and visualization challenges on time and on budget.



We bring your data solution to life — from concept to delivery — by sketching and designing your user interfaces.



Unification of data with zero tolerance for data errors and inconsistencies that reduce consumer confidence in your deliverables if gone undetected.


Dashboard Development

We create, award-winning, customized dashboards following an agile development methodology with the right mix of storytelling and visual effectiveness


Custom API Connectors

We build user-friendly interfaces to connect and fetch data through Tableau desktop and Tableau Server


Tableau Server Management

We make it easier to run and maintain large, mission-critical Tableau Server deployments.

Tableau Services FAQs

  • Understand your current situation: Identify a Tableau evangelist or ambassador within your organization who can champion the cause.
  • Assess your systems: Determine where your data resides and what systems you need to integrate with Tableau.
  • Define success: Clearly outline your goals and what success looks like for your Tableau implementation.

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Explore different Tableau deployment options, such as Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online. Consider factors like scalability, security, and user accessibility when choosing the right product.

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  • Understand your data sources: Assess where your data resides and how you can connect securely to it.
  • Make use of native data connectors or third-party partners to extend Tableau’s functionality.

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  • Assemble a cross-disciplinary team: Include individuals from different areas, including IT, operations, and end users.
  • Find a naysayer: Someone who challenges assumptions and ensures a well-rounded perspective.

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  • Focus on a specific area: Pick a department or project that needs immediate attention.
  • Solve a throbbing, red pain point: Address a critical issue to make your Tableau launch impactful.
  • Data Considerations: Assess data availability and quality.

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