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Datorama Webinar:
What is Datorama?

Thursday, August 9, 2023 | 9:19 AM EST

Mastering Datorama Fundamentals is part of a Datorama webinar series covering onboarding, integration, visualization, and Action Center.

MCI Masterclass/ Datorama Webinar

Topic: What is Datorama?

Duration: ~44 minutes

Publish date: August 10, 2023

Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI) formerly known as Datorama is Salesforce’s, cloud-based, data analytics platform of choice for agencies, media holding companies, publishers, and advertisers. In this session, Senior Technical Manager and Principal Trainer, r Vimal Eapen answers the fundamental question, What is Datorama?

Vimal covers the core components of Datorama’s Connect and Mix, Analyze and Act, and Visualize tabs, explaining the nuances of data ingestion, harmonization and visualization within Salesforce’s unified marketing data platform.

During this session, Vimal provides a walkthrough of Datorama’s Data Model, native API and TotalConnect methods, and available mapping options. He ends with a discussion around data apps and the Marketplace.