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Tableau Webinar:
Mastering Tableau Episode 1 – Tableau Extensions SDK and DataUx™

Friday, March 10, 2023 | 1 PM EST

Decision Foundry’s Lijin Dev Keloth shares how to build a dashboard using Tableau’s Extension SDK.

In our race to secure the latest technology, are we losing sight of the customer? When we create a dashboard by dragging and dropping widgets on to a screen, are we making sure the people who will use it can access what they need? Research suggests that many businesses struggle with user adoption, which ends in attrition and migration to yet another reporting system. To overcome this issue, it’s crucial to develop visually appealing Tableau dashboards that are easy to learn and engaging. With Tableau’s native features, it’s possible to create quality dashboards that are easy on the eyes. But can we take it a step further and create a dashboard that’s as user-friendly as a webpage?

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Tableau Webinar Episode 1: Decision Foundry‘s Lijin Dev Keloth shares how to build a dashboard using the Extension SDK (Software Development Kit). We covered the basics of Tableau Extensions, the different types available, and how they make your Tableau ecosystem that much better. We also explored what an Extension Dashboard (Accelerators using Extension) is, who needs it, and how it solves common problems. Finally, we addressed the question of whether Extension Dashboards can replace current Tableau dashboards.

Lijin Dev Keloth heads BI (Business Intelligence) Engineering at Decision Foundry. He is a data visualization enthusiast and a certified Tableau professional with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Lijin has led numerous BI and engineering projects and has played a critical role in bringing several data products to market.