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Marketing Success in a Changing World

Join the Webinar on Tuesday, June 13 at 3:00pm (CEST).

Enhance Your Strategies and Unlock More ROI from Your Marketing Budget With Next-Gen Data Driven Solutions

In today’s uncertain times and competitive environment, effectively utilizing marketing data is crucial for driving results and making informed decisions. Join our webinar, co-hosted by Salesforce and Decision Foundry, as we explore tangible techniques for harnessing the power of data-driven insights and next-generation solutions to optimize your marketing strategies. Learn how these tools can help you leverage Multi-Touch Attribution, implement Marketing Mix Modeling, and stay ahead in a changing world.

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Larry Cohen has over 20 years’ experience in analytics with an emphasis on Marketing Analytics, Pricing, Competitive and Business Intelligence. Through his experience agency, consultancy & client-side, he has created and led data-driven teams that generated incremental revenue through analysis.

Raydon Cardozo has over 15 years of experience in customer success and sales. Currently focused on growing the DF Salesforce implementation offerings across EMEA & APAC.


In this practical and insightful session, we will cover various data-driven insights and next-generation solutions, providing you with actionable knowledge on how to:

  • Gain a competitive edge by successfully navigating a privacy-centric, cookie-free landscape while maintaining deep audience understanding
  • Create interactive charts and customizable reports for a clear understanding of media mix activity and attribution results, powered by advanced analytics
  • Develop optimized media plans and recommendations for both online and offline channels using scenario planning tools.
  • Apply generative data-driven Multi-Touch Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling types of insights to enable more unified, accurate measurement and optimization of marketing efforts
  • Use real-time insights to adapt and refine your marketing strategies in response to changing market conditions


About Decision Foundry

Decision Foundry is a Salesforce, independent software vendor, managed services provider, and a certified award-winning Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration partner. Decision Foundry closes the gap between data accessibility, platform adoption and business impact. Our consulting services include the integration of Data Cloud, Account, Engagement, Personalization, Tableau, and Intelligence.