Data Engineering for Business Intelligence (BI)

From data extraction, transformation, and storage to custom development of apps and dashboards, our data engineering services are designed to enable faster time to insight, improved data accuracy and increased user adoption.

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AWS for BI

We will design and build an end-to-end analytics backend structure for your Business Intelligence layer using AWS (Amazon Web Services). We will create a pathway for your structured and semi-structured data from different sources to be easily processed through a user-friendly dashboard, app or interface.

SnowFlake for BI

Snowflake marries the best of old and new database technology. This merged system makes it particularly well-suited to meet the needs for quick processing and extraction of data, sharing of both the raw data and conclusions, as well as storage and cross-indexing of the large data volumes demanded by modern BI systems.

MuleSoft Implementation

With MuleSoft, your data integration issues can be alleviated. MuleSoft helps integrate systems, making them communicate efficiently through automated workflows.

Tableau Extension Development

Tableau extensions are a great way to add new features to your company’s unique Tableau structured setup. Let’s build something exceptional.

Custom API Connectors

Our engineering department is well-trained with years of experience in developing and maintaining data connectors and business critical pipelines of any scale. No matter which BI tool you prefer, we have you covered.

Salesforce Marketplace Apps

Looking to host an application on Salesforce AppExchange or maybe Datorama’s Marketing Intelligence Marketplace? We are here to support you.

Custom Visuals for your BI

The standard visuals of a BI platform might not be enough. We can build unique to your business from scratch using JavaScript libraries, wrapped with CSS/HTML to bring your data to life.

Salesforce Heroku

With your Salesforce data in Heroku Postgres, you can easily combine the capabilities of the Lightning Platform.

AWS Services

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Storage and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Optimize and/or design architecture for BI
  • Data Pipelines

Snowflake Services

  • Snowflake Integration
  • Snowflake Optimization
  • Snowflake Migration
  • Snowflake Implementation


  • MuleSoft Salesforce Integration
  • SaaS Application Integration
  • Data Integration
  • ServiceNow Integration

Tableau Extension

  • Tableau custom connector development
  • Tableau Extension dashboard (custom) with HTML/CSS/JS
  • Extension for your service
  • Extension Consulting

Custom API Connectors

  • Custom connectors for Tableau
  • Custom connectors for Datorama /marketing cloud intelligence
  • Custom connectors for Salesforce
  • Custom connectors for other platforms

Salesforce Marketplace Apps

  • Marketing cloud intelligence Apps development
  • Salesforce AppExchange development

Custom Visuals for BI

  • Datorama (marketing cloud intelligence) custom visuals
  • Tableau custom visuals (using Tableau extension SDK)

Heroku Services

  • Integrate Heroku and Salesforce
  • Heroku Data Services
  • Heroku hosting Services


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