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Datorama Implementation:
Build Confidently with Datorama

March 24, 2022

Jumpstart Package: Keeping Datorama Simple

If you have recently acquired a license, but are relatively unfamiliar with Datorama, first adopters consider our Jumpstart Datorama implementation services. For this use case, Decision Foundry, an award-winning, certified Datorama partner implements and provides quality assurance for new customers that need a limited number of onboarded data sources, but a fast implementation turn-around. Through this service, customers learn how to use the platform as we quickly connect, visualize, and deliver a foundational Datorama solution within weeks not months.

What we deliver through Jumpstart Datorama implementation services:

  • A single Datorama dashboard across the agreed data sources with your logo prominently displayed.
  • We either build your visuals with native Data Canvas and Datorama templates or through SmartLenses
  • We’ll walk you through the solution and answer any questions, so you feel confident in your investment.
  • Audience: Ideal for first time adopters of Datorama who need a fast start and improved time to value.

    Estimated Project Duration: four to six weeks to implement, depending on the agreed upon data services.

    Datorama dashboards: A standard Datorama dashboard deliverable will be provided for your Jumpstart implementation.

    Estimated Project Fees: Typically, Jumpstart services start with 40 or 80 hours, depending on final use case and total number of data sources.

    Note: This build does NOT include the cost of a Datorama license or implementation of custom objects or custom visualization widgets. Does not include log level data integration, custom colors, custom fonts, custom APIs, or custom calculations.

    Standard Datorama Dashboards and Templates: Every Jumpstart implementation comes with our standard Datorama template.

    Datorama Dashboard from Decision Foundry

    Get Started: Contact us today and schedule a 30-minute discovery call and Datorama demo.

    Datorama Implementation Support

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