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AI-Powered Dashboards Track and Optimize Marketing Campaigns

April 28, 2020

The dashboard is nearly 20 years old, and it’s used more intensively for business data analytics presentation. As one industry observer said, “Using a dashboard is like viewing your business through a straw.”

They have to collect data from so many different sources, interpret those data and then try to figure out what is the best action to take, with the most important decisions being made based on this information. Despite having “Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboards” for business, they struggle to get an integrated view of overall business metrics. Business dashboards will never disappear but they will be radically transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). Rather than distributed aggregated information on a handful of top priority indicators, modern dashboards will reflect the relevant insights about those metrics from millions of records in real-time. They will also automatically issue alerts, generate forecasts, analyze root causes, recommend fixes, prescribe the next steps, and suggest ways to optimize processes. Moreover, AI-powered dashboards will become something users can speak to, dashboards will reply, and users will get real-time insights. In short, dashboards will become more intelligent, predictive, timely, and conversational.

As a marketeer, you are responsible to connect the entire ecosystem of your marketing data. This is intrinsic for understanding customer behavior, campaign performances and to optimize marketing campaigns. After all, you must drive business growth and cultivate an exceptional customer experience. But we all understand that this is a daunting task. Because we know that deciphering, analyzing, and unifying exhaustive marketing data from disparate marketing stacks into a centralized view is a challenging operational problem.

AI to Rescue

With AI–powered marketing dashboards, you can transcend the limited set of solutions offered by traditional dashboards and facilitate better data–driven decisions through a scheduled, automated pipeline of insights. Thus, enabling you to track and improve relevant, strategic, and operational key performance indicators (KPIs) and go beyond just reporting to gather insights and optimize marketing campaigns.

Datorama’s AI-powered marketing dashboards harmonize data across channels and campaigns. It’s unique features, LiteConnect, Datorama Genius, and Datorama Data Canvas, have been specifically designed to empower you with AI–driven functionalities.


LiteConnect is undoubtedly the easiest way to connect to any flat file and visualize it instantly. You may have often dealt with traditional and non-traditional data sources while analyzing data from multichannel campaigns. These data sources don’t necessarily require mapping with marketing sources but are still required for analysis. This tool lets you instantly analyze any data, including the non-marketing sources like sales, product, and weather data without having to map them to the data model. Many of these data sources which were previously untapped, add context and understanding to the campaign performance and user experience analysis.

LiteConnect also transforms any data file into the marketing dashboards instantly. This adds flexibility for ad- hoc analysis and integration of non-traditional data sources with respective cross channel marketing campaign data, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI).


Dataroma Genius

Datorama Genius uses automated regression modeling and statistical analysis to deliver insights and optimization paths across marketing data. It helps to close gaps in marketing performance management so that you can make data–driven decisions faster.

Datorama Genius enables you to:

  • Get deeper insights and optimization paths across data sources in various campaigns.
  • Go beyond the questions raised and addressed by marketing dashboards and automate the process to gather real–time insights.
  • Choose relevant KPIs and automate insight generation for those KPIs without much technical intervention.
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    Dataroma Data Canvas

    Datorama Data Canvas is the next generation tool for data visualization on Datorama. It simplifies the process of creating stunning, customized Datorama with ‘out of the box’ themes with simple drag–drop functionalities.

    Datorama’s Data Canvas comprises of these four major features: InstaBrand, Design Suite, Theme Library, and Visualization Library. These features make it easier for you to generate branded marketing dashboard themes by customizing default themes. Design Suite gives you access to control color, font, and the background of your marketing dashboards. And if you are already using the Datorama’s Datorama and need to know how to optimize them for an effective in-depth reporting across your marketing teams, then don’t miss out on our article on how to optimize your marketing dashboards in Datorama. Marketing data is complex, disjointed, and very dynamic. If you want to make sense of the vast marketing campaign data and gain valuable insights to optimize marketing campaigns, AI–powered analysis, and data modeling is what you need.

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    Why Decision Foundry

    With AI-powered dashboards, you’ll no longer look at business through a straw. Next-generation dashboards will be powerful enough for generating business insights. It will collect, consolidate, and alarm AI-generated alerts and insights so that you can better execute and optimize business processes and strategy. Read our article on “AI in BI: the next frontier in the field of Augmented Analytics” for more.




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