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Datorama Limitless Conference:
Agile Marketing Intelligence

January 09, 2022

Datorama Limitless is the Datorama event to meet some of the most innovative, data-driven trailblazers from around the globe including London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. Limitless Datorama has featured prominent keynote speakers such as Ran Sarig, Stephen Dubner and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Let’s not forget the Limitless Awards designed to showcase exemplary achievements across the community of data practitioners.

Regardless of industry, orchestrating data across multiple channels is challenging. As Marketers, we are always looking for inspiration, tools, technologies, and credible solutions from colleagues and industry experts boldly willing to share their experiences, good and bad.

Prior to the global pandemic, it was common or even preferable to attend live conferences at big venues. The Marriot Marquee was a New York favorite. And thanks to platforms like Zoom and Slack, we’ve learned to collaborate virtually, anywhere. Those long-ago events took place over multiple days, networking was easier, and — besides the knowledge share — the entertainment was a treat.

What is Datorama Limitless?

Limitless is an annual Salesforce conference focused entirely on overcoming today’s marketing data challenges. Marketing Analytics leaders from organizations such as GroupM, Nestle, Toyota, IPG, and Dentsu, have participated in this forum to discuss critical data challenges and potential solutions using Datorama — like safe testing environments, improved visualizations and new software integrations.

The inaugural Limitless Datorama conference took place in New York City in 2018, developed for using Datorama to redefine marketing for growth, but in truth, Limitless started back in 2017, entertaining a small, but excited VIP NYC crowd.

Datorama Limitless 2018: Define Marketing, Defined by Us

Data transparency and accessibility, accelerating innovation, agility, speed to insight, and making marketing the engine of growth for your respective business were the topics from 2018.

Participants watched hands-on demonstrations of new, next-generation features and solutions related to Datorama Marketing Intelligence Platform.

Discussions at Limitless Datorama 2019

Topic of Discussion: Redefining Marketing for Growth

The conference was all about redefining “growth marketing. As the marketing mandate continues to expand, marketers are no longer simply responsible for driving marketing performance, but are being held accountable for propelling business-wide outcomes and impacting overall growth. It was emphasized that two-thirds of businesses are shifting their priorities to reflect marketing led growth. Attendees were encouraged to take control of their efforts and tie back every activity to ROI using Datorama.

Major challenges faced are:

This limitless conference mainly focused on the role of marketer in driving growth, which requires both short-term sales and long-term brand strategy and that is a balance marketer today are working to achieve.

Our work was highlighted by Ross Jenkins, in a presentation called, the Design of Data Experiences. That original Datorama webinar can still be found.

Discussions at Limitless 2020

Topic of Discussion: Agile Marketing in a New Era of Data

This conference focused on agility in the marketing industry and its importance to the future of marketing.

Datorama GM Ran Sarig highlighted:

“Agility really means, for us, creating a culture of continuous optimization. We have new ways of understanding and optimizing marketing performance and data needs to be accessible, but also actionable.”

Datorama showcased a series of new products during the event, including:

  • Sandbox for Datorama
  • Datorama Integration with Tableau
  • Media Planning Center and Media Pacing App

When is the next Limitless Datorama Scheduled?

When will there be another Datorama Limitless event? Datorama is hopeful that it will return in 2022, but there’s a likelihood that it will be supplanted by Connections and Salesforce Dreamforce.

The Future of Datorama Limitless

The future of Datorama Limitless is doubtful. Post-Salesforce acquisition, Datorama is now part of the broader Marketing Cloud family and Salesforce’s considerable resources make Limitless less visible. However, there should always be a place for platform aficionados to discuss Datorama. For now, that venue is reserved for blog posts and community forums.

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