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Decision Foundry Featured by Datorama in AI & Technology Magazines

April 06, 2021

Since 2014, Decision Foundry, in partnership with Datorama, has been building automated global reporting platforms for the largest media holding companies in the world.

As a certified Datorama partner, Decision Foundry has completed almost 400 Datorama Salesforce projects. We have developed marketplace applications and innovative data solutions that improve our Datorama clients’ ability to forecast, segment, score, and visualize media performance.

Decision Foundry received Datorama’s 2018 Best Data Visualization Award and our work has been highlighted at Salesforce Dreamforce. We have co-sponsored Salesforce Webinars and our experts have spoken at Limitless. Datorama’s endorsement of our unique place in their partner ecosystem was prominently highlighted in 2021 AI & Technology Magazine articles. 

“Although Datorama has an awesome engineering and product team, they’re limited in sources. Partners that can think beyond our spend and resources, and expand the capabilities of the platform to help our customers leverage their solutions – so that’s the power.”

Boaz Ram
Head of Technology Partnership

Decision Foundry is a part of a larger ecosystem of consulting partners and system integrators like Accenture and Deloitte, which helps Datorama as an extension of their sales and customer service teams. 

For years, we’ve pioneered Datorama solutions, producing some of the most stunning visualizations ever developed within the platform.

Read more about the work we’ve accomplished with Datorama in Technology Magazine‘s 2021 Digital Report.




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