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Mastering Datorama Episode 2:
Blending Data Sets

Thursday, September 8, 2022 | 11:00 AM EST

Mastering Datorama Fundamentals is a part of a recurring training platform targeting basic to intermediate users of Salesforce Datorama. In this webinar, we cover Datorama Data Blending. No single data source has the answers you need about a recent marketing event or campaign. Fortunately, the platform offers creative techniques for stitching data sets across channels. In this episode, Lohith Paturu provides a real time walkthrough of available techniques for blending data.

No single data source has the answers you need about a recent marketing event or campaign. With data coming from so many sources, you need a way to blend or harmonize it together to get the complete picture of your marketing activity. This data, distributed over multiple platforms, must come from all sources into one. Without harmonized data, you must analyze each source individually and can lose out on faster, more efficient, insights.


Watch CEO Ross Jenkins and Group Technical Manager and Certified Datorama Solution Architect Lohith Paturu as he shows you how to Master Datorama: Blending Datasets.

Building on the data set from Episode 1, we use these exciting features to blend and harmonize our data:

  • Harmonization – Passive and Active Approaches
  • Data Fusion
  • Parent-Child Connection

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Ross Jenkins is a 23-year veteran in the Customer Analytics and Digital Marketing space. He’s been named a Datorama Best Data Visualization Winner, a Salesforce Marketing Champion, and an IAB Data Rock Star. Ross is the CEO of Decision Foundry, a Salesforce Implementation Partner. During his career, Ross has served as an Analytics Executive for several of the world’s largest media holding companies. He’s also a writer and an accomplished international keynote speaker, including at several Dreamforce and other Salesforce-related events.

Lohith Paturu is a five-year Datorama veteran, has worked within the platform since its earliest days, and has been a part of its evolution ever since. He’s worked closely with large media agencies and Fortune 500 brands to create automated solutions. Lohith is a Datorama Solution Architect and has completed all the six levels of available certifications. His passion for excellence within Datorama, and his exposure to a wide variety of client use cases, gives him the unique ability to share his knowledge with other Datorama enthusiasts from novice to expert.