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Blending Data with the Harmonization Center

By Bhavna Murali, Revised on July 28, 2023 at 12:13PM EST

The Datorama Harmonization Center allows users to blend, enrich, and validate their data across different channels — all in one place.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence, powered by Datorama

The Datorama Harmonization Center helps streamline meta data by tapping into naming convention patterns often followed at the campaign, placement and creative levels.

Users can further classify and unify metadata obtained from a defined naming convention via Datorama’s Data Classification features.

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Marketers require Naming Conventions to better understand campaign goals and details at a glance. A comprehensive taxonomy helps analytical marketers easily pulls together reporting data that spans across multiple ad servers, channels, partners and DSPs. Through the use of thoughtful Naming Conventions all relevant campaign information can be unified under one label.

Let’s take an example to understand this better:

A Facebook Campaign named “SummerOffer_Millenials_Facebook_300x250” has the Campaign’s goal and details separated by an underscore. By looking at the name, it makes it easier for everyone working on this campaign to understand its goals and details. However, since all the details are stacked in one string, it is a tedious task to understand each component individually and report on it.

Harmonization Center New Pattern

The Patterns feature from Datorama’s Harmonization Center constructs a consistent Naming Convention into separate elements. It then uses this pattern as a blanket rule for multiple campaigns across different data sources that follow those same rules.

Patterns from this Campaign Naming Convention creates four new, Harmonized Dimensions:

  • Campaign Objective (Position 1)
  • Targeting Group (Position 2)
  • Platform (Position 3)
  • Placement Size (Position 4)

Now click DONE. And this is it! You have extracted four harmonized dimensions from your campaign name!

If a user would like to classify the four harmonized dimensions further to add another level of detail or category that doesn’t exist in their raw data, they can do so using the Data Classification feature.

Let’s take the Harmonized Dimension named Platform from our previous example. If a user wants to categorize Facebook under the Social category, they can easily do this using Data Classification as shown below:

Harmonization Center Classification Rule

Now, Datorama allows its users to not only extract meta data from their Naming Conventions but also adds further classifications to it by adding a new layer to their data. That’s it! You’ve now effectively blended data with Datorama’s Harmonization Center.

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