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Mastering Datorama Episode 3:
Custom Classifications

Thursday, October 20, 2022 | 11 AM EST

Mastering Datorama Fundamentals is a part of our continued training and education series. In this episode, Custom Classifications are overarching, cross-channel entities available across all data models in Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI), formerly known as Datorama. Join Decision Foundry's CEO Ross Jenkins and Technical Manager and certified Datorama Solution Architect Ashish Nelson as he demonstrates the usage of cross channel entities in Datorama to blend datasets from different marketing channels like Paid Search, Social and Email marketing.

Custom Classifications allow you to blend different data models and supplement your primary data with additional information. Through this instructional session, Ashish will train you on how to pivot delivery data coming from multiple channels using overarching categories like Brand, Activity and Activity’s description. These overarching categories are present in Campaigns, Social Page Names and Email Subject’s naming conventions and Custom classification entities within each data model will be leveraged to establish a compelling cross-channel link.

LinkedIn Live: Mastering Datorama: Custom Classifications

Join us for a hands-on Datorama training session: Thursday, October 10, 2022 | 11:00 AM EST

Hosted by: Ashish Nelson, Group Technical Manager and Certified Datorama Solution Architect

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Ross Jenkins is a 23-year veteran in the Customer Analytics and Digital Marketing space. He’s been named a Datorama Best Data Visualization Winner, a Salesforce Marketing Champion, and an IAB Data Rock Star. Ross is the CEO of Decision Foundry, a Salesforce Implementation Partner. During his career, Ross has served as an Analytics Executive for several of the world’s largest media holding companies. He’s also a writer and an accomplished international keynote speaker, including at several Dreamforce and other Salesforce-related events.

Ashish Nelson is a Technical Manager and a certified Datorama Solution Architect. He has more than six years of experience in building and maintaining multi-market Datorama implementations for various media agencies and brands.