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Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud

August 15, 2022

Datorama's visualization tools bring all your email and customer journey data together into one, centralized dashboard. Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud allow you to dig deeper into that data with predefined dashboards, pivot tables, and scheduled reports.

Datorama‘s visualization tools bring all your email and customer journey data together into one, centralized dashboard. Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud allows you to dig deeper into that data with predefined dashboards, pivot tables, and scheduled reports. Suppose you need to get more granular. In that case, Datorama Advanced Reports offers the customization options to build customized dashboards, use unique dimensions and measurements, connect cross-channel solutions, and create queries for an even deeper dive into your data. Let’s look at each level and what they have to offer.

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a cloud-based marketing intelligence platform that connects data from your entire MarTech Stack components into one place. Numerous components can make up a MarTech Stack and the list continues to grow. The three essential components of a MarTech Stack include a customer relationship manager, marketing automation, and a content management system.

Datorama combines real-time data from multiple MarTech Stack components and gives you an accurate picture of how your channels are performing. Datorama provides marketing teams with a convenient way to access and evaluate media data and easily visualize it in branded dashboards.

For more in-depth reporting, try the premium Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud feature.

What are Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud?

Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud create and share detailed analysis of your email campaigns, push notifications, and customer journey data at the campaign level. These reports uncover deep marketing insights and campaign performance. Datorama Reports is an easy way to generate, view, and share a precise, detailed analysis of your data at the campaign level.

Three components make up Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud. These Datorama tools help you to optimize performance and increase the engagement of your campaigns.

1. Datorama Dashboards are customizable, ready to use out-of-the-box dashboards use predefined filters including engagement; and deliverability metrics such as email opens, link clicks, CTRs, bounces, unsubscribes, and more. Set your dimensions (qualitative, non-numerical data) like campaign name or campaign ID. Then select your measurements (quantitative, numerical data) like the number of clicks or email opens. Using predefined filters, the results are delivered in a ready-to-use, easy-to-manage visualization/dashboard calculation of your data.

2. Datorama Pivot Tables explore and dissect data from multiple perspectives. Filter, sort, and group large volumes of data according to your selected dimensions (fields) and measurements (metrics). These pivot tables can create custom reports to organize, summarize, and slice data without needing to write or run queries, like SQLs. These pivot tables calculate, summarize, and analyze data to see insights into your data through comparisons, views, patterns, and trends.

3. Datorama Reports create scheduled reports you can share, retrieve, and view a detailed analysis of your data. Create a report from scratch, export a pivot table or dashboard when needed, or schedule reports at a specific time of day. Scheduled reports are shareable via AzureBlob, Email, FTP, FTPS, Google Drive, HDFS, SFTP, AWS-S3, and Google Cloud Storage.

Using different options, you can immediately create or schedule several reports needed. These include:

1. Flat Table (Excel/CSV): Create a flat file with the data. For example, display the total number of sends per send date. Achieve this with Schedule Export to a Flat Table on a predefined pivot table.
2. Pivot Table (XLS): Create an Excel file in the same structure as the pivot table view. Achieve this by using Schedule Export to a Pivot Table on a predefined pivot table.
3. Dashboard (PDF): Export a dashboard into a PDF. Achieve this by using the Schedule Export option on a predefined dashboard.

What is Datorama Advanced Reports?

Datorama Advanced Reports is a premium reporting option with advanced analytic capabilities to Marketing Cloud customers.
Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud visualize your data in visual, prebuilt, filterable dashboards that provide executive-level reports on critical KPIs. But Datorama Advanced Reports takes your data to a more granular level with customizable dashboards to reflect your individual business needs.

With Datorama Reports Advanced, you can:

• Customize pre-built dashboards and create custom dashboard pages from scratch. Organize your dashboards in collections, customize them with more than 60 widgets, and brand your page in a few clicks.
• Create custom-tailored dimensions and measurements. Modify the dimensions and measurements underlying your data to solve for your business’s unique needs.
• Install and use Cross-Channel Solutions. Harmonize your different data sources to quickly visualize and analyze with ready-made apps built by Datorama using beautiful UI and easy installation modes.
• Query your data. Create queries to pull granular information and gain insights on data not available directly in your dashboards.

In today’s marketing world, countless tools, technologies, and reporting options are available that add confusion to your data. Depending on your business’s specific needs, utilizing one or all these Datorama options show you different levels of insights into your media marketing and customer journey data.

With these three levels of data reporting within the Datorama platform – Datorama, Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud, and Datorama Advanced Reports — you can get to the next level and gain deeper insights from your marketing campaigns’ data. You’ll also have more flexibility to build the reports with the data from your media campaigns and customer journey across multiple channels.

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