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Datorama Reporting:
Integrate, Prepare, and Export Datorama Data Faster

By Ross Jenkins, Revised on August 27, 2023 at 9:01AM EST

Datorama allows you to turn typical data reporting into effective visual, data communication -- onboarding, integrating, visualizing and automating all of your data to understand and better manage marketing performance.

As a leading marketing intelligence platform, Datorama reporting empowers marketers to connect their entire data ecosystem. Equipped with one of the industry’s most extensive and reliable library of marketing API connectors and AI-powered data integration capabilities. Datorama, now called Marketing Cloud Intelligence, integrates, prepares, and exports all of your marketing data. This is a valuable resource for marketers that need to ingest and harmonize the data needed to measure campaign effectiveness. See actual Datorama dashboard examples.

When it comes to marketing data, upgrades and change are continuous. New channels emerge, old channels evolve, and data partners shift constantly. This requires adapting to new data sources at the speed of marketing and waiting for the ideal API isn’t always feasible. To assist Analytical Marketers, Datorama marketing intelligence maintains a dynamic map of all the data sources with a powerful data model.

Datorama also provides complete visibility into your marketing performance across digital and offline advertising, including social media, content marketing, email, web analytics, and more. This comprehensive view helps marketing teams make better decisions and move marketing and business forward. It turns data reporting into effective visual communication through onboarding, integrating, visualization, and automating data to better manage marketing performance.

Marketers must understand the basic steps to gain control over data in order to deliver refined, researched results through required visualization methods, which can then be exported in the desired data reporting format. These steps are as follows:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Preparation
  • Datorama Data Export

Datorama Salesforce Data Integration

Data Integration can make or break marketing analytics. It’s the process of taking data from disparate sources and formats and unifying them all into one database for analysis. By integrating all your marketing data from your digital campaigns, offline campaigns, web analytics, CRM, and post-sale systems, marketers can create a seamless view of the customer journey to make smarter decision making.

The Marketing Integration Engine of Datorama bridges together the marketing data from across your entire technology stack into one single source. This allows for the flexibility and control to create real-time reports of any kind, at scale.

Further, Datorama hosts the most extensive library of APIs that includes popular databases, cloud storage platforms, and Big Data environments. These APIs cover the full spectrum of the MarTech and AdTech ecosystems, so you can quickly and easily connect any data source – social, search, display, video, programmatic, web analytics, CRM, email, and more – all in one place. The platform’s advanced machine learning intelligence helps scheduling ongoing data updates via email, SFTP, and more, to keep your marketing data and reporting updated.

Data Preparation in Datorama Salesforce

Data Preparation incudes collecting, cleaning, and consolidating data into a centralized place for reporting, analytics, and strategic insight. This is a crucial step in analytics and reporting because of the variety of different marketing data sources often required.

Marketers need to understand the different sources available; whether it is across different channels or from several campaigns, partners, and platforms.

Preparation is important because data is collected from reporting files that needs cleansing. Generally, data is inconsistent or built upon a non-standardized taxonomy. Preparing data is critical but, unfortunately, time intensive. Teams can spend up to 80% of their time converting raw data into high-quality, analysis-ready outputs for reporting consumption. Manual data preparation is also complex, which is why marketers are now adopting ways to automate data preparation.

Datorama uses AI machine learning and in-the-box dynamic modeling to organize data into one, common language, or taxonomy, for analysis. Datorama Salesforce automatically integrates, cleanses, models, and prepares data, freeing marketers to invest in analysis instead of ad hoc reporting.

Datorama Salesforce Methods of Data Export

After properly formatting the required data, next comes the process of exporting data in requisite and shareable reporting format(s). Datorama allows customers to view and export data outside of the platform, including the option to export and embed data in other BI platforms

One feature that helps with scalable data exports is Datorama’s Query API. With it, you can access all of your stored data and share it anywhere. You can easily export all of your data, including all classifications and calculations, to any end target, including your database, third-party data visualization, analytics tools, or any other partner in your stack.

Most recently, Datorama, now called Marketing Cloud Intelligence offers Data Pipelines. Allowing marketers to export data into a secured database, standard report, or even, Tableau.

Datorama allows you to export the data for further analysis and consideration in different formats including .csv, .tbwa, .pdf, and more with no additional cost. You may also schedule reports using custom intervals and date ranges, at no extra cost. You can export your data as a .zip, or GPG/PGP file extraction to maintain security. Finally, the Advanced Export gives you the power to design the layout of your page before exporting or customizing it for print, presentations, or emails.

datorama basic export features

This visualization feature maintains different layouts, including interactive filter sets, to easily deliver an efficient export with only the relevant information. In the Datorama Advanced Export, you can select the format type, page size, widget layout, and others. You can also save the layout as a template for the next export.

datorama advanced export

How Datorama + Tableau Integration Helps 

With Datorama, marketers can centralize and unify all marketing data. Now, with Tableau integration, they can scale analytics capabilities across their enterprise. With the industry’s most extensive library of marketing API connectors, and AI-powered data integration, marketers are never without the data needed to measure marketing performance and campaign effectiveness. As members of the Salesforce family, Datorama and Tableau natively connect to each other, bringing together marketing data integration and harmonization platform with enterprise business intelligence to help marketers maximize impact.

Why Datorama and Tableau work so well together:

  • A single source of marketing truth enables optimal efficiency and growth.
  • Solve any marketing analytics use case with complementary and integrated solutions.
  • Align marketing analytics to the entire enterprise.

Opportunities Datorama and Tableau provide:

  • Connect all marketing data

You can connect all marketing channels or platforms available into a harmonized and performant data model and semantic layer.

  • Limitless data exploration

Tableau provides unlimited exploration of all your marketing data from Datorama. You can create custom visualizations, or combine other business data from other sources to get a complete picture.

With Datorama and Tableau together, users get the best of both worlds: An analytics solution set that solves enterprise-wide and department-specific analytic insights. As companies navigate changing environments, and the “new normal,” it has never been more important to align data and insights across the organization.

Get Expert Datorama Salesforce Support for Prep, Integration, and Exporting Data 

Decision Foundry has completed hundreds of Datorama implementations for many of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world. With years of hard-earned platform experience, and four Salesforce Marketing champions, we are a certified partner that offers a combination of design, engineering, user experience, and data science, to deliver accurate and insightful dashboards.

Our implementation process increases clients’ confidence in their data strategy, dashboard builds, and ability to act on credible marketing insights.

Partner with one of Datorama’s leaders in Data Management. We document, build, and automate a new reporting solution for you, or extend the value of your existing reporting infrastructure.

As a certified Datorama implementation partner, we follow a defined process while meticulously aligning with our client’s requirements and approved technical solutions. Advertisers, agencies and publishers often require truly creative, strategic thinking to successfully deliver scalable, data solutions.

Partner with one of Datorama’s leaders in Data Management. Reach out for a quick start.




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