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Salesforce Selects Four Marketing Champions from Nabler, now Decision Foundry

May 31, 2021

Salesforce Selects Four from Decision Foundry as Marketing Champions

On May 27, Salesforce announced their long-awaited picks for the 2021 Salesforce Marketing Champions. Decision Foundry, an AMER- and APAC-certified Datorama Salesforce partner, had four team members selected as 2021 Marketing Champions.

SF Marketing Champions

Preeti Chidley, Datorama Solutions Architect; Nilay Tambat, a Datorama Solutions Architect; James Lane, Business Intelligence and Analytics; and Ross Jenkins, US CEO; were chosen for their distinctive, pioneering solution work within Datorama Salesforce.

The award signifies expert-level product knowledge in Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Datorama. The final recipients were selected from thousands of worthy applicants using four criteria:

  • Express a willingness to remain active in the Trailblazer community
  • Demonstrate a unique vision in the design and development of client solutions
  • Detail how they currently use Marketing Cloud products
  • Talk about the crucial moments in their leadership journey

Award winners will begin a year of career development opportunities and be given a broad platform to communicate the value of Salesforce platforms and its best-in- class integrations.

“Being a Salesforce Marketing Champion should never be just about you. It stands as a testament to providing exceptional data services and solutions to clients and the community at large.”

Being named a 2021 Salesforce Marketing Champion is a considerable honor. The title means that these winners selflessly and proactively share their knowledge.

Here are Decision Foundry’s Four Key Goals in earning the title of 2021 Salesforce Marketing Champions:

  • Invest in the Salesforce Datorama Community: Participate in internal and external communication groups to share approaches and strategies with Salesforce customers and the other 2021 Salesforce Marketing Champions.
  • Push beyond the perceived limitations of data and technology: Meet with Salesforce product engineers to discuss roadmaps and customer challenges while learning and applying best practices.
  • Demonstrate unique use cases of Salesforce products: Communicate with the broader community of Salesforce customers and share outputs and walkthroughs while solving real world solutions.
  • Share our data strategies: Contribute to the data creativity, user experience design, and data engineering with Salesforce; and the broader data and technology community.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Salesforce Marketing Champions. Every year, the broader data and technology community gets stronger thanks to your hard work and passion.




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