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Find & Replace entities in MCI – An often-overlooked time saving feature!

May 10, 2023

A mature platform shows itself not by relying on its complex capabilities alone, but also focusing on how simple it is to maintain the solutions built in it. On this front, an easy-to-miss time-saving feature in MCI is the ‘Find/Replace’ functionality found under Dimensions and Measurements management.

What it does – ‘Find/Replace’ can be used to do the following –

    • To find and list the location of a given Metric or Dimension used across various processes within MCI. For example, in the screenshot given below, we select the ‘Clicks’ metric from the Measurement List and then click on the ‘Find/Replace’ option.

      Find & Replace

      A pop-up window will then display the list of all the processes where the metric Clicks is used, and the processes can be drilled down further to look at the individual entities and open the process in a new tab if required.

Find & Replace

  • Once the location of the metric or dimension used across all the processes is listed, the user can exercise the option to replace them with any other metric or dimension based on the need. For example, in the pic below we are replacing Clicks with Website Clicks across all Pivots and Actions. The user also has the option of individually selecting entities across different processes. Between finding and replacing the entities we can accomplish in 5 mins what could have taken hours if done manually.

Find & Replace

Find & Replace

Eligible entities and processes with this feature –

Entities Process Locations
Measurement List Widget
Calculated Measurements Page Filter
Filtered Measurements Report
Dimension List (Including Harmonized and Classified Dimensions) Pivot Table
Calculated Dimensions Goal
  Insight Bot
  Calculated Measurement
  Filtered Measurement
  Calculated Dimension
  Data Classification

Caution to Follow – The user must be aware of the fact that the ‘Replace’ feature is irreversible once executed and there is no undo option to swap the original entities. Therefore, great care must be exercised when using this feature.

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