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Mastering Datorama Episode 4:
Data Visualization

Friday, March 10, 2023 | 1 PM EST

There are patterns in your data that become a type of hidden story. Uncovering and conveying these stories in an understandable manner is the first, critical step in becoming an Organizational Change Agent.
A good data story is not judged on its length, its complexity, or on how fancy the visuals look. A good data story is one that conveys a clear message, spurs action, and ultimately changes the way we do business.

In this session, we explored how Datorama, now known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence, helps you build effective data narratives through visualization. This session covered:

  • Creating Datorama Dashboards and templates
  • Exploring MCI’s native, (Marketing Cloud Intelligence) widget libraries
  • Designing Data Experiences
  • Showcasing custom dashboards using Datorama’s extended javascript frameworks

Download the Datorama webinar slides from this session

Ross Jenkins is a 23-year veteran in the Customer Analytics and Digital Marketing space. He’s been named a Datorama Best Data Visualization Winner, a Salesforce Marketing Champion, and an IAB Data Rock Star. Ross is the CEO of Decision Foundry, a Global, Salesforce Implementation Partner. During his career, Ross has served as an Analytics Executive for several of the world’s largest media holding companies. He’s also a prolific writer and an accomplished international keynote speaker, including several Dreamforce and other Salesforce-related events.

Ankit Bhandari is a Senior Solution Architect with 5+ years of experience in building and maintaining multi-market Datorama implementations for some of the top media agencies and brands. Ankit has worked with Datorama, now Marketing Cloud Intelligence since its earliest days.

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Hosted by: Ankit Bhandari, Senior Solution Architect and Ross Jenkins


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