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Mastering Datorama Episode 4:
Data Visualization

January 23, 2023

There are patterns in your data that become a type of hidden story. Uncovering and conveying these stories in an understandable manner is the first, critical step in becoming an Organizational Change Agent.
A good data story is not judged on its length, its complexity, or on how fancy the visuals look. A good data story is one that conveys a clear message, spurs action, and ultimately changes the way we do business.

In this session, we explore how Datorama helps build effective data narratives through visualization. The pre-recorded webinar will be available on March 09, 2023 @11AM EST. The session will cover:

  • Dashboard Structure & How to create Datorama Dashboards
  • Adding widgets to your workspace & exploring MCI’s (Marketing Cloud Intelligence) widget library
  • Our approach to Designing with Data
  • Creating data narratives within Datorama
  • Showcasing sample dashboards using Datorama’s extended visual customization libraries

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Ross Jenkins is a 23-year veteran in the Customer Analytics and Digital Marketing space. He’s been named a Datorama Best Data Visualization Winner, a Salesforce Marketing Champion, and an IAB Data Rock Star. Ross is the CEO of Decision Foundry, a Salesforce Implementation Partner. During his career, Ross has served as an Analytics Executive for several of the world’s largest media holding companies. He’s also a prolific writer and an accomplished international keynote speaker, including several Dreamforce and other Salesforce-related events.

Ankit Bhandari is a Senior Solution Architect with 5+ years of experience in building and maintaining multi-market Datorama implementations for some of the top media agencies and brands. Ankit has worked with Datorama since its earliest days and has been a part of its evolution.

Datorama Advanced Training Courses

Interested in learning how to create great visualizations within the Datorama platform? Consider our Mastering Datorama training classes.

Posted on LinkedIn: Mastering Datorama: Data Visualization

Publicly available on: Thursday, March 09, 2023 | 11:00 AM EST

Hosted by: Ankit Bhandari, Senior Solution Architect


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