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Omni-Channel Marketing Integration

April 20, 2020

Smarter decisions are built on unified data KPIs, metrics, and classifications from different sources and across different campaigns that show you what’s working for you and what’s not. You need to collect, clean, and consolidate data in one centralized place for reporting, analytics, and strategic insight. Most solutions out there require you to have complex and costly technical skill sets but still may miss on what’s most important marketing expertise.

Marketing data is always changing. With more than 5000+ marketing tools in the market, you need the flexibility to connect any data source instantly. But if you are asking why then you must know great marketers build great algorithms and propel them in the right direction for analytics. They convert messy, inconsistent data from omnichannel campaigns and integrate these data for reporting and marketing analytics. They cleanse data collected from reporting files and avoid reporting data with manual entries. And finally, they restructure this data using data presentation tools in a usable way that can be leveraged.

Data preparation is simply the preliminary process of collecting, standardizing, and consolidating data from multiple sources into one centralized location and format for a unified campaign performance report, analysis, and strategic insight.

Challenges faced across the customer journey

Across all facets, being a marketer you are not only challenged with delivering exceptional marketing activities but also need to derive valuable insights and maximizing efficiency with your campaign.

As a marketer, you need to have a 360 view of your customers and marketing activities to ensure that you are maximizing impact in a way that resonates. Data is at the heart of all these challenges. According to a report, 67% of customers are willing to give more personal data to companies if it means more tailored services.

As an omnichannel marketer, you have campaign performance and user interaction data, coming in multiple formats. And since there are inconsistent labels or non-standardized taxonomy, you need data preparation before you can get valuable insights. This will help you understand how your campaign performs across channels. You also have your clickstream data on website traffic and conversions. Data preparation merges this data with insights from programmatic ads served, and ad verification platforms to get a wholistic campaign performance report.

But here comes the challenge. CrowdFlower, a provider of a “data enrichment” platform, surveyed about 80 marketers.

The survey showed that data preparation was much more time consuming than data analysis and the least glamourous as compared to data exploration, dashboard data visualization, etc.

And that is why for such situations, Datorama is a smarter approach. It automates your data preparation and helps you deal with data integration from omnichannel campaigns.

“Unlike more traditional data integration tools designed for IT users, Datorama is built for hard-working marketers who need to pull information from a bewildering portfolio of data management, marketing analytics, campaign management, social media, sales, and other platforms.” – Martin Kihn- VP Research, Gartner

Datorama’s Integration Engine is built specifically for marketers and media professionals and serves as the cornerstone of your cross-channel marketing intelligence. Our data integration, data modeling, and semantic layer combine the deepest in-the-box marketing expertise, AI machine learning, and easy extensibility to strike the perfect balance between automation and customization. Connecting and unifying all of your platforms, tools, and reports in one place become simple with smart assistive technology.

Data preparation in Datorama for cross-channel campaigns

  • With Datorama, you can have one centralized location for all your marketing data. It has been designed to make cross channel reporting and insights easy for you with no coding required.
  • Its data integration engine combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the best of marketing expertise to help with data integration and harmonization. And thus letting data from across channels to communicate with its simple assistive technology.
  • With all this automation, Datorama allows for flexibility in terms of customization of Datorama Dashboards as per specific needs.
  • It ensures that you spend more time driving action-based insights and less on spreadsheets generating reports by automatically integrating all relevant marketing tools. Its AI-driven approach and data preparation tools like LiteConnect make it easier for you to connect traditional and non-traditional data sources and analyze multiple campaign performance reports simultaneously.

All data is raw! It is up to you, as a marketer, to clean it and use it well. At the end of the day, you will have all the advantages as you will have superior versions of both cross-channel data insights and reporting. Decision Foundry is an end-to-end consulting firm. Let’s connect so we can show you more about data visualization dashboards.




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