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The Data Model – The Intelligence Behind Datorama

By Bhavna Murali, revised on January 17, 2022 at 12:13 PM EST

Datorama, now known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence, is a flexible SaaS marketing data platform that features multiple solutions for improving data integration, reporting, analysis, and optimization. But what makes it intelligent? Its data model.

Datorama’s data model is the foundation on which an entire world of marketing data is built. A typical marketing dataset contains data tracked on various platforms, each measuring different KPIs. To get the full picture of a single campaign’s performance, it’s vital to piece together information obtained from each platform in a meaningful manner. This is how you learn what makes (or breaks) a successful campaign.

Datorama is designed to know what each of these key puzzle pieces. It allows you to build technically sound and scalable reporting systems. A well-structured data model ensures that data uploaded into the platform is always in the cleanest, most reliable form, and removes data-related errors.

For example, booking data is a key component that contains all the planned information regarding a campaign. Datorama’s Media Cost Center ingests and works exclusively on this dataset.

After satisfying all the prerequisites in terms of data structure and linkage to corresponding delivery items, Datorama automatically understands how to use this data. The platform recognizes this in coalition with delivery data to link and generate important metrics like spend, pacing.

Finally, the output is a full picture of every campaign’s planned versus delivered performance. If data is ingested the right way, the Media Cost Center calculates a whole group of KPIs.

Datorama IO Row

A sample IO row created on Datorama which contains the basic information regarding a planned order. Datorama also allows a user to edit the values in these fields once they have been ingested.

Similarly, the data model contains different buckets for different datasets and platforms. Each is tailormade to ingest, learn, and generate a vast array of related data points that can all be connected to each other wherever necessary.

In addition to this, Datorama offers the flexibility to create additional metrics, dimensions, and levels to add to this data, which generates an entire end-to-end marketing data ecosystem.

A strong data model, which acts as solid base, allows users to make the most of all the data collected from a variety of platforms. Coupled with the visual capabilities that the platform has to offer, it makes for a well-rounded reporting solution for marketers. Brilliant!

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