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What Does Datorama Do?

By Ross Jenkins, revised on January 1, 2023 at 10:09 AM EST

Datorama, now called Marketing Cloud Intelligence, solves a significant marketing challenge: How to automatically connect and unify your data across multiple platforms into a single data source for accurate and timely analysis.

What exactly does Datorama do? The short answer is that it provides you with Marketing Intelligence. But, before we continue with simplified labels, let’s examine some of the benefits and capabilities, and what they mean for today’s analytically driven marketer.

Datorama Benefits

  • Datorama focuses on performance marketing and at the time of this writing on 1/1/2023, connects with more than 174 data connectors, including point of sale, CRM, survey, and media buying platforms to analyze information without the need for a developer, data scientist, or IT administrator.
  • Since Datorama focuses entirely on your marketing data, it facilitates accurate analysis to help you make timely market-based decisions while providing the necessary support to prove calculable ROI.
  • Datorama relies on Artificial Intelligence, a robust data model and automation to help you map your business to a single source of truth — no more multiple tabs open or manually combining reports across platforms and Datorama is platform agnostic so data integration isn’t limited to a single data provider or specific walled garden provider.
  • If organized correctly, Datorama drives transparency and collaboration across your teams, supporting agencies and managed partners.
  • Datorama can help you stay ahead of your competitors with Salesforce-powered Einstein Insight Bots that provide insights into campaign improvement or KPI optimization. Tell Datorama you want to maximize your ROAS, or minimize CPA and the platform fetches the data for you while showcasing the most impactful drivers of efficiency and conversion.

With all these tools at your disposal, Datorama empowers your marketing team to get things done. Now that we understand how Datorama can help let’s look at some of its capabilities.

“Datorama provides speed and innovation, allowing your team to reinvest their time in building insights, testing, or improving marketing effectiveness.”

Four Key Capabilities Inside Datorama

  • Data Canvas: Data Canvas is a tool that quickly builds interactive dashboards. Select your data source (dataset), how you want it displayed (charts, graphs, Etc.), and within minutes you have created a dashboard. You can also customize your dashboards with your company logo, backgrounds, and more.
  • SmartLens: SmartLens provides the visualization that makes your dashboard relatable and understandable for your audience. Use visualizations like stacked bar charts, graphs, or other visual aids. SmartLens is AI-powered to pull the crucial metrics and trends you need to make better, faster decisions, but if you are really looking for custom visuals, you can easily integrate High Charts, D3, Chart.js, and a host of other javascript frameworks.
  • Einstein Marketing Insights: Einstein Discovery is the data science tool kit inside Datorama. It lets you go further in gathering and understanding your marketing insights. It analyzes your media campaigns and reveals strategic tweaks to enhance and improve your marketing campaigns.
  • Custom Analytics: If you or someone on your team is a data geek that loves to deploy their own predictive models, or create their own data connectors, Datorama provides analytical and developer support for R and Python.

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How does all of this benefit your marketing team?

Datorama takes all your raw marketing data, connects, and unifies it through a unified data model, eliminating siloed data. You can easily retrieve constantly changing data sources into automated dashboards and reports, too. Datorama solves many of the major integration challenges of combining and analyzing data from multiple media platforms through native data connectors and TotalConnect. It allows you to visually present your analysis to your audience in an appealing way.

Using Datorama intelligence, your marketing teams can find certainty in your data. Today’s market is all about building strong customer relationships. To create these strong relationships, you need a clear understanding of your customer engagement with your marketing campaigns. This understanding leads to optimizing your messages and resources so that you are confidently meeting your customers’ needs.

With confidence in the data comes efficiency and data-supported ROI — no more wasted spending on ads, social campaigns, or email campaigns. You will quickly see the results of your campaigns and be able to reallocate your spending based on in-flight performance, which increases efficiency and ROI. All of this adds up to speed and innovation, allowing your team to reinvest time into insights, testing, and learning ways to improve communication effectiveness with your customers.

Further, Datorama improves collaboration within your organization to provide your stakeholders with unified KPIs and taxonomy. By sharing more accurate information, you can keep teams aligned and knowledgeable as the changes occur within campaigns. Many goals can be set and accomplished with automated workflows.

Tips for Marketing Teams Using the Platform

  • Measure lead generation campaigns, see where every dollar goes, and predict marketing ROI effectively.
  • When designing dashboards, select the most critical metrics and start visualizing. Too much info isn’t good. Know your audience before creating a dashboard. Test and collect feedback from en consumers, often. Create a roadmap for request changes and monitor adoption metrics very closely.
  • Use appropriate charts to visualize your information. There are many books to help guide you. Assign reasonable targets to help you get to goal, faster. Manage your performance, daily.
  • Use Action Center to automatically check for discrepancies and ensure relevant KPI thresholds are monitored and sent to your email, SMS, or Slack channels.
  • Technology is only part of the challenge. Socialize your data as often as you can. Plan action items, assign accountability, and make changes to align performance back to your business strategy.

In Conclusion, What Does Datorama Do?

  • Establish a marketing system of record to connect and unify data from every source.
  • Optimize performance with AI to map, integrate and surface insights and alerts that help you better manage performance.
  • Align teams and stakeholders by through secured access, automation and alignment of metrics, goals, and taxonomy to collaborate across teams.

Finally, selling effectively to your customers involves knowing their preferences. But how do you learn their preferences? From the data you gather. Datorama provides the understanding you needed to market effectively using personalized campaigns built on knowing your customers. No one wants to pull data from 100 different places and figure out how to combine it into actionable information, especially when Datorama can do it for us.

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