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Why Do Marketing Dashboards Quickly Collect Dust?

June 01, 2023

In the realm of data, simply having access to the latest analytical platforms with numerous features is not sufficient for success.

While technology remains important, there are other aspects that need to be leveraged to derive meaningful insights. This is something we observe in marketing dashboard development.

Businesses often create dashboards inundated with interactive features, yet many quickly collect dust over time. Ever wonder why this happens?

While there are many reasons, consider the following:

  • Users may not be fully aware of the dashboard’s functions and benefits.
  • Overemphasize visuals over critical information design and purpose.
  • Overly complex or poorly designed interfaces.
  • Failure to prioritize critical metrics or provide an intuitive experience for users.
  • Underlying data is inaccurate, irrelevant, or outdated.
  • Data taxonomy challenges limit customization, labeling and grouping.
  • “Interactive” dashboards are merely a regurgitation of common data, reporting views.
  • Dashboards cannot adapt to ongoing changes in business strategies, objectives & priorities.
  • Users feel disengaged from the dashboard because it doesn’t drive any actionable decision-making.
  • They fail to cater to the individual needs & preferences of stakeholders. When you develop dashboards meant for everyone, “no one” uses them.

In Summary

Dashboards can provide a comprehensive view of performance, trends, comparisons, problems & opportunities, all at once.

To keep them from collecting dust, it is vital to assess the purpose of dashboards before creating them. Let’s start with:

  • Just in time user research to improve Data Empathy
  • Low-fidelity development lowers the risk of project failure
  • Don’t make your dashboards a dumping ground. Create a plan by aligning measurement, goals and accountability to your data strategy.
  • Determine a readiness and roadmap strategy for improving adoption over time

Download our Dreamforce ’22 slides to better understand the power of creating purposeful dashboards and 12 Visual Tips for Designing a Better Data Experience.

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