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Decision Foundry Announces New Tableau DataUX™ Audit Service

July 28, 2023

Decision Foundry has launched a new innovative service in support of the Business Intelligence and the Tableau community called the “Tableau DataUX™ Audit”.

New York, July 28, 2023 – Decision Foundry has launched a new service in support of Business Intelligence and the Tableau community, a data and process analysis package called the Tableau DataUx™ Audit. Utilizing knowledge garnered from over 600 projects during its nine years in business, Decision Foundry has designed Tableau DataUx to provide better Data Experiences that improve the access, understanding and adoption of Business Information Systems.

Data-informed decision making starts with confidence in the quality and accuracy of data before it can be presented to stakeholders. Tableau DataUx™is for agencies and advertisers who want to move beyond reporting automation to derive higher value from their data, but face significant challenges with data readiness, regulatory policy changes and ultimately, platform adoption. The program is designed to maximize clients’ return on investment in data technology platforms by providing the necessary diagnostic checklists and reviews to ensure platform performance, usability, accuracy, and integrity of consent data from various sources. For example, sources such as CRM, electronic health records, dealership management systems or customer data platforms.

“We know that business data specialists struggle to keep up with stakeholder requests for new ways in delivering accurate and informative data stories. But stories are built on trust and confidence in that the data is sourced in privacy compliant ways. Tableau DataUx™ helps clients deliver that clarity through better data visualization,” said Larry Cohen, Decision Foundry, EVP of Data Strategy.

“Decision Foundry is proud to introduce a new approach to Tableau data visualizations. This solution merges technical proficiency and industry expertise, helping clients consolidate data and make it easier to access. With Tableau DataUx™, common technical issues are addressed such as data harmonization, which means carefully translating data from multiple sources into a single, usable, business format,” said Ross Jenkins, CEO Decision Foundry.

About Decision Foundry

Decision Foundry is a certified independent software vendor, managed services provider, and a certified award-winning Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration partner. Decision Foundry closes the gap between data access, platform adoption and business impact. Our global, Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting services include the integration of CDP, Account, Engagement, Personalization, Tableau, and Intelligence.