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Decision Foundry Expands Services to Maximize Salesforce Investments

June 20, 2024

New York, NY — June 20, 2024Decision Foundry, an award-winning Salesforce Partner, is proud to announce its enhanced service portfolio. Formerly focused on Marketing Cloud Intelligence and Tableau, Decision Foundry now offers comprehensive implementation services across the entire Salesforce ecosystem, including Data Cloud, CRM, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud and Marketing Cloud. This shift positions us to empower businesses to unlock actionable insights and maximize their Salesforce investments.

Three Pillar Delivery Practices

Decision Foundry leads the charge with three distinct delivery practices:

  • Marketing Delivery Center: Heather Davis Lam, Founder & CEO of Revenue Ops, joins Decision Foundry and heads our Marketing practice. Heather brings extensive experience in sales, marketing, and revenue operations, making her a valuable asset to our team.
  • CRM Delivery Center: Ciaran Coates, a seasoned sales revenue operations leader, also joins Decision Foundry and leads our CRM practice. His track record of driving growth through strategic partnerships and data-driven decision-making aligns perfectly with our vision.
  • Data Delivery Center: Larry Cohen, a veteran member of Decision Foundry, spearheads our Data practice. Larry’s analytics, financial modeling, and data visualization expertise ensures our clients receive actionable insights.

Exceptional Data Solutions

Decision Foundry doesn’t just level the playing field; we’re redefining it. While the global giants are out of reach for many, we prove that exceptional data solutions are within grasp. Our results are world-class, without getting lost in the crowd of global firms. With over 70 certifications in-hand and on course to double that by the end of the year, a decade of data engineering experience, and a team of 140 Salesforce experts, we empower businesses, and most importantly, people to thrive with data. Our portfolio boasts successful projects across diverse industries.

About Decision Foundry 

Decision Foundry is a certified independent software vendor, managed services provider, and a certified award-winning Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration partner. Decision Foundry closes the gap between data access, platform adoption and business impact. Our global, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consulting services include the integration of Data Cloud, Account, Engagement, Personalization, Sales, and Service.