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Decision Foundry Launches First Salesforce Marketplace App

April 20, 2022

The new app helps marketers better understand KPI Performance

New York, April 20, 2022 — Decision Foundry, a Nabler company, announced the launch of its first Salesforce Datorama Marketplace app, Benchmarking Power. The app gives marketers the ability to dynamically calculate benchmarks against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Benchmarks determine the quality of predefined metrics compared to another channel, network, site, partner, or campaign. Instead of relying on second- or third-party data, the Benchmarking Power for Datorama app provides the necessary context with the user’s in-house data.

“We built Data Benchmark for the rapidly growing community of Salesforce customers, and we want to help them better understand KPI performance relative to a benchmark,” said Decision Foundry CEO Ross Jenkins. “When a user selects their parameters, the application creates a dynamically calculated benchmark at the line-item level. This quick reference gives marketers deeper knowledge of how to better plan their media mix strategy while understanding relative performance.”

The creation of the app signals Decision Foundry’s continued commitment to the Datorama community while delivering tangibly better data experiences by speeding up the delivery of insights and improving data-driven decision-making.

The Datorama Marketplace is a Salesforce developer’s ecosystem for partners to create and integrate solutions within the platform. It offers free and fee-based applications to help Marketers resolve issues such as media pacing, yield management, and audience insights

An updated version of the app was launched in early April 2022.

About Decision Foundry

Decision Foundry is top-tier Salesforce integration partner and integrated service vendor supporting Datorama, CDP, Tableau, Tableau CRM, and Marketing Cloud, proper. As a Salesforce consultant, Decision Foundry helps make sense of data by connecting scattered data points while blending and visualizing marketing performance.