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Nabler Announces Decision Foundry

January 23, 2022

Decision Foundry will focus on providing expanded Marketing Cloud implementation services including Analytics Cloud, CDP, and Datorama.

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New York, New York — Decision Foundry, a Nabler-owned brand, announced its expansion into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation space.

Decision Foundry will focus on delivering on the growing Marketing Cloud implementation needs of agencies and advertisers that specialize in automotive, media, publishers, and health and life sciences. Decision Foundry represents a commitment to delivering better data experiences and improving data-driven decision-making.

“Salesforce has become our nexus and inspiration for creating data products that measurably improve marketing performance. To do this, you must see and move beyond perceived technology constraints or ‘tech-talk,’” said Ross Jenkins, US Chief Executive Officer. “While our business has grown and changed dramatically over the past few years, it became clear that we needed to evolve and expand our Salesforce delivery services to meet the demands of our partners. This announcement signals our hyper-focused strategy on Salesforce Marketing Cloud under the new brand, and our unwavering commitment to providing stand-out integration services.”

The new brand identity will be fully unveiled in early March 2022.

About Decision Foundry

Decision Foundry is a top-tier Salesforce integration partner supporting Datorama, CDP, Tableau, Tableau CRM, and Marketing Cloud, proper. Our global team includes some of the industry’s leading practitioners in data analytics and visual communication. As Salesforce consultants, we help make sense of your data by connecting scattered data points while blending and visualizing performance marketing data. We organize marketing data across our clients’ entire tech stack — from delivery to IO management to billing and reconciliation to automated insights and sales lift.