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CRM Analytics:
End-to-End Solution

August 23, 2022

CRM Analytics is a powerful, three-part solution consisting of data management, data visualization, and predictive analytics.

Have you asked yourself, “What is it going to take for me to spot opportunities and be able to predict outcomes from my data?” Introducing CRM Analytics, formerly Tableau CRM. It goes by a few names including Einstein Analytics, Tableau CRM, or the latest addition to the series, CRM Analytics, but let’s look at this end-to-end analytics solution and what it can do for you.

What is CRM Analytics (Tableau CRM)?

CRM Analytics is a powerful, three-part solution consisting of data management, data visualization, and predictive analytics. All of this is built on top of the Salesforce Org. Don’t worry, you can still pull all your data from all your channels into the CRM Analytics for precise analytical evaluations, just your Salesforce Org. With CRM Analytics, you’ll discover the story your data wants to tell and empower your Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-Driven analytics right in their workflow.

The Three Parts of CRM Analytics

  1. Data Management
    • Data Integration provides the connectors necessary to easily access your data inside and outside the Salesforce Org. Connectors link and sync your data with the many configurable connectors available. They connect and sync data from all sources, including Salesforce, external applications, databases, and data warehouses, into the Tableau CRM Analytics solution.
    • Data Preparation consists of two data prep tools: Recipes and Dataflows. These both have intuitive visual interfaces and can be used to design datasets from connected data.
    • Data Synchronization prevents inconsistencies between source systems and Tableau CRM by scheduling data refreshes. Recipes and Dataflows can also execute on either a time-based or event-based schedule.
  2. Data Visualization (Business Intelligence)
    • Data Exploration uses lenses to visually explore data within a dataset. Lenses can be shared independently or clipped and added to dashboards. For example, you can have a lens that uses a stacked bar chart to explore open and closed won opportunities by owner in a visual format.
    • Dashboards consist of interactive widgets that visualize query results from your datasets. You can add a lens visual to your dashboard to help tell your story about things like sales performance. For example, add the above-mentioned stacked bar chart to your dashboard as visual support for your data. Embed Visualization in Salesforce by adding Tableau CRM dashboards to your Salesforce Lightning homepage, record page, and app home pages to provide interactive visualizations for your end users.
  3. Predictive Analytics, or Einstein Discovery, is Salesforce’s data science tool kit. It connects directly to Tableau CRM datasets to generate descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights.
    • Einstein Discovery Stories allows you to explore relationships between input variables and a chosen outcome variable, creating an Einstein Discover Story. For example, you can display input variables and their correlation to an outcome variable like CLV in a bar chart list. A bar chart list can show which variables positively or negatively impact an outcome, like CLV, in order of statistical significance..
    • Einstein Discovery Models give you the ability to make predictions from your data. By creating an Einstein Discovery Story, you automatically generate predictive models based upon the creation of the story within the Einstein Discovery Models. The model uses the same input variables from your discovery story to produce a predicted outcome, and not just predicted outcomes; it also suggests ways to improve predicted outcomes.
    • Embed Einstein predictions throughout your Salesforce Org to give users real-time predictions and recommendations based on record-level details.

CRM Analytics is a powerful self-service application that helps you understand your data. That knowledge gives you the ability to make the right decision every time, work more efficiently, spot trends faster, and get AI-based guidance on the best steps to take. CRM Analytics provides intelligent analytics to help you contextualize insights for optimum recommendations to drive your business every day.

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