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Enhancing Tableau Dashboards with Embedded Music and Video Links

June 28, 2023

Tableau has revolutionized the world of data visualization, empowering users to explore and understand complex datasets in an intuitive and interactive manner. One way to enhance the storytelling capabilities of Tableau dashboards is by embedding music and video links. This article explores the benefits and creative applications of integrating music and video content within Tableau dashboards, adding a new dimension of engagement and immersive experience for viewers.

To showcase this, we created a Spotify dashboard that includes an embedded feature allowing users to listen to a preview of the selected artist’s music.

The objective was not just to provide information about the top artists and streaming trends over the years, but also to empower users with the ability to listen to previews of their chosen artists and create a dashboard that resonates with each individual user.

Here is a brief explanation of the steps we followed. You can apply a similar approach to suit your specific needs.

  • Copy the embed URL for the video/audio. If your audio is on Spotify, the URL should look like the following:<track_id> or YouTube video then //<text>
  • In Tableau Desktop, open the dashboard.
  • On the Side Bar, double-click Web Page.
  • In the Edit URL dialog box, paste the embed code<track_id> for Spotify audio or //<text> for YouTube video and click OK.
  • Alternatively, you can link to the audio/video using a URL action in the dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Add URL Action’ on the embedded object and select the embedded URL under URL section and can run action on hover/select/menu based on requirement. This would update the embedded Webpage content based on song track/video link selected from list in dashboard.
Embedded Music

Spotify dashboard-

Spotify Dashboard

Here are few benefits of incorporating music and video into Tableau dashboards and how they can help communicate information effectively.

Evoking Emotional Connection:

Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and establish a connection with viewers. By embedding music links within Tableau dashboards, you can create a more immersive experience that enhances the overall narrative. For example, if you’re presenting data on the impact of climate change, you can complement the visualizations with an appropriate instrumental track that evokes a sense of urgency and empathy, strengthening the emotional impact of your message.

Adding Contextual Depth:

Video links can be an excellent tool for providing additional context to your data visualizations. By embedding relevant video content, you can give viewers a deeper understanding of the subject matter. For instance, if you’re showcasing sales performance by region, including a video interview with a regional manager discussing market trends can provide valuable insights and enhance the audience’s comprehension of the data.

Enhanced Engagement and Interactivity:

Including music and video elements in Tableau dashboards makes them more engaging and interactive. People naturally respond to audio-visual stimuli, and by leveraging these mediums, you can captivate your audience’s attention for longer periods. Interactive dashboards that incorporate music and video links encourage viewers to explore the data and create a memorable experience.

Storytelling and Memorable Presentations:

Music and videos have long been used in storytelling to captivate audiences and convey messages effectively. Tableau dashboards, with their ability to present data in a visual and interactive format, can benefit greatly from this approach. By skilfully integrating music and video links, you can transform your dashboard into a compelling narrative, guiding viewers through the data and leaving a lasting impression.

Personalization and Branding:

Music and videos allow for a personal touch and branding opportunities within Tableau dashboards. By selecting appropriate music or incorporating brand-related videos, you can align the dashboard’s atmosphere with your organization’s values, aesthetics, or campaigns. This personalization reinforces brand recognition and helps to establish an emotional connection with your audience.

Educational and Training Applications:

Embedding music and video links in Tableau dashboards can be particularly valuable for educational and training purposes. Whether you’re creating e-learning modules or data-driven tutorials, incorporating instructional videos or explanatory music can enhance the learning experience. The combination of visualizations with multimedia content promotes knowledge retention and engagement.

The integration of music and video links in Tableau dashboards brings a new level of engagement, emotion, and storytelling to data visualization. By leveraging the power of music and videos, you can create immersive experiences that captivate your audience, add contextual depth, and enhance the overall impact of your data-driven message. Whether for storytelling, branding, education, or personalization, embedding music and video links in Tableau dashboards allows you to unlock the full potential of your data visualization projects, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers.