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Navigation Features in Tableau Desktop

September 21, 2021

The Tableau Navigation features offer users the ability to seamlessly move from one dashboard to another dashboard, sheet, or story — all within one workbook. In this article, we will show you three ways to navigate in Tableau.

For our demo, let’s take a look at the World Indicators sample workbook. You can find this workbook under Sample Workbooks section in the Tableau Desktop.

The workbook has multiple tabs. We want to create a navigation from the Tourism Dashboard to the Business Dashboard.

Tableau Navigation Method 1: Using Navigation Button

Follow these steps to move from the Tourism Dashboard to the Business Dashboard using the Navigation Button.


  • Bring the navigation button (under the dashboard objects list) to the Tourism dashboard.
  • Click Edit > choose Business in the Navigate to drop down
  • Give it the title Go to Business Tab and choose a font. Click OK.

Tableau Desktop Navigation

Clicking on the Navigation Button will bring you to Go to Business Tab.

Method 2: Using the dashboard action: Go to Sheet

Click on the Income by Region sheet in the Tourism dashboard and navigate to the Business dashboard.


  • Dashboard > Actions >Add Actions > Go to Sheet.
  • Under Source Sheet, select the Income by Region Sheet.
  • Under the Target Sheet, choose the Business Tab.

Tableau Desktop Navigation

Clicking anywhere on the Income by Region sheet will take you to the Business dashboard.

Tableau Navigation Method 3: Using the Dashboard Action – Filter

Here, we want to filter the Business Dashboard using the filters applied in the Tourism Dashboard.


  • Dashboard > Actions >Add Actions > Filter
  • Name the filter Go to the Business Dashboard
  • Under Source Sheets, select the Income by Region Sheet
  • Select Run action on: Menu. Menu is recommended because the option works well for filter and URL actions.
  • Under Target Sheets – Choose Business Dashboard
  • Under the clearing, the selection will Show all values

Tableau Desktop Navigation

Now, if you click on the Income by Region Sheet in the Tourism dashboard and hover over it, you will see the Go to the Business Tab link in the tooltip.

Tableau Desktop Navigation

Click on it to navigate to the Business Dashboard with the year filter applied as 2012 and the Region Filter applied as Europe (see image below).

Tableau Desktop Navigation




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