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Tableau Conference 2020:
Changes That Will Matter to Tableau’s End-user

October 08, 2020

The Tableau Conference has gone 100% virtual and 100% free this year. October 7, 2020, was the first day of the Conference. Split into three different broadcasting channels, the sessions kickstarted with the keynote delivered by Adam Selipsky, Tableau’s CEO. Following this, the sessions got buzzing with a series of talks – Tableau roadmap, Partner Stories, Data for all with John Legend and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and much more.

Amongst everything else, what caught our attention are the new announcements that set the roadmap for Tableau. Here are some of the key highlights from these announcements that we found will be noteworthy to any Tableau user:

Tableau is all set to go online

Tableau has set its eyes on improving web authoring by replicating Tableau Desktop on the web. Users will be able to do all actions without any installation. What will happen to the desktop application post this decision to go online is not clear. Will they keep the desktop version or not is something we’ll have to wait and watch.

Tableau Prep to go online

Following the path of Tableau Desktop, Tableau prep will also take a seat on our browsers. The data preparation tool from Tableau may not require installation in the future and will work seamlessly within the Tableau Server. The schedules of Prep flows will still require Prep Conductor and we assume that to be a separate buy like how it is now.

Automated Data Quality Warnings

There will be an improved and automated version of the alerts. Alerts are currently set up based on data thresholds. The new Automated Data Quality Warning can trigger emails for issues like data source refresh failures. This warning is now being extended to the end-users and will not be limited to admins or IT folks.

Until now, failed data refreshes were alerted only to the admin of the server, but Tableau says it recognizes that these issues are important to everyone. Within Tableau CatLog, you can now add a Refresh Monitor and select the type of data warnings that you want users to be notified with. If a data flow fails, a Data Quality Warning will be generated automatically, alerting all users.

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Centralized Row-Level Security

Tableau is introducing a new central location to define, debug and manage data access. Users will be able to configure the security policies for their data with calculations that will be evaluated for every row.

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Personal Space

What if you’re working on a dashboard that you’re not ready to share with your team or client yet? Tableau has introduced a personal space where unfinished dashboards can be saved and accessed from anywhere. This is like a private workspace where you can create, explore and keep your work private until you are ready to share your dashboards.

Autosave – Never Lose Your Work Again!

Tableau is adding auto-save to the server and its online platform which will bring a huge sigh of relief for developers. Even if you forget to save, lose network connection or close your browser by accident, Tableau will make the last draft of the dashboard available to you.

Tableau integrates with Slack

Tableau’s integration with Slack for data alerts on dashboards will allow you to stay on top of your data. Notifications come with a screengrab of the visual and you will be able to navigate to the exact dashboard from Slack. If you use Tableau Mobile, the experience will be seamless.

Revamped Notification Center

Tableau has improved its notification center (the bell icon at the top right corner of the tableau server) to allow more information and actions from the menu – subscriptions, alerts, shares, comments, etc. You can now receive alerts when users share data points or comments on dashboards or even refresh data directly from the notification.

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Einstein & Tableau together

This is a big one among all the announcements. You will soon be able to push your data outside of Einstein and do your quick analysis using Tableau.

Also, Tableau promises to launch an AI-powered extension for Einstein which will analyze your data on the fly and provide insights. In addition to this, Einstein Discovery will also be integrated directly into Tableau Prep. Tableau will also come up with a solution called Tableau CRM and most probably combine Einstein services under that. This will be quite a game-changer.

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Introducing Tableau Collections

Collection is a new addition to the Tableau hierarchy, which will allow users to group any related content on the Tableau Server. Earlier the Tableau hierarchy stuck to data sources, widgets, dashboards, workbooks and projects. This added flexibility with Collections is a welcome change.

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