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What is Tableau Prep Conductor?

October 12, 2022

With Tableau Prep Conductor, you can easily schedule and execute data flows developed on Tableau prep, automatically, without any user intervention or automation systems. User can even refresh the latest data on the dashboards and monitor the data jobs/flows for their success or failure.

With the Tableau Prep release, BI service providers and organizations with no coding or automation skills, can now drag and drop to easily transform the data for Tableau dashboarding.

For a while, users wanted a way to schedule and run Prep flows (data transformed from Tableau) onto the cloud without human intervention. This would enable the flow of fresh data into the dashboards.

Earlier, the process of data management involved a lot of manual work. A user had to monitor data refresh and execution on a day-to-day basis. This was a recurring process with no consistency in the delivery of prepared data on the dashboard.

Tableau Prep Conductor


Now, with the help of Tableau Prep Conductor, scheduling and execution of these data flows is much easier. All you need to do is publish your flows to the Tableau Conductor add-on and schedule the flow to run as needed. Upon running the flow, the latest data is pushed to the published data source, thus populating that data on the dashboard.

This allows users to view and monitor the details of their flow. It can also notify via alerts in case of failed flows. Tableau Prep Conductor can also help the users view data flows results and edit existing flows. The Tableau Prep Conductor is closely integrated into Tableau Server.

Tableau Prep Conductor Benefits

  • Allows for monitoring and setting up automatic cleaning processes for an organization’s data and build permissions around data sources.
  • Create a schedule to make sure the data is always fresh and ready to go. Automated flows create a recurring process for consistency in the delivery of organized data.
  • Tableau Prep Conductor takes advantage of the permissions model and infrastructure in Tableau Server and controls who can view, schedule, download, and run flows. It also provides a historical view of flow runs so you can easily see which succeeded or failed. Alerts will notify you if a flow fails.

All these benefits provided by Tableau Prep Conductor help build resilient processes based on the Data Preparation work in your organization. Users are encouraged to collate more data given how much time is saved by the usage of Tableau Prep Conductor.

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