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Dive into Datorama’s TotalConnect:
The Game-Changer in Managing Flawed Marketing Data

October 05, 2023

Turning the Tables on Imperfect Marketing Data

When marketers speak about Datorama, it’s not just another marketing intelligence platform; it’s the solution to the chaos of third-party data platforms. Can’t get the granular detail you want from Sprout Social, Hubspot, Pardot, or DV360? Enter: Datorama TotalConnect.

“Data Management can be challenging and publicly APIs can be imperfect, but Datorama’s TotalConnect is the Perfect Data Management Tool for Integrating Imperfect Data.”

Unraveling the Power of TotalConnect

In a digital landscape that’s constantly evolving, TotalConnect stands out, ensuring that any flat file finds a home in the Datorama data model, even when no API connectors are in sight.

Taming the Wild World of Marketing Data

Every brand or agency has dreams of streamlined data and instant dashboards. Datorama doesn’t just stop at making these dreams a reality. Imagine evolving from merely using data to truly living by insights – a business always ahead of the curve, always optimizing.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence TotalConnect UI

The Hard Reality of Expanding Data Platforms

Plenty of data platforms exist. Still, the actual battlefield is maintaining agility amidst a sprawling data network and the myriad connectors available.

Decoding Datorama’s Connector Arsenal

As of October 5, 2023, there are 176 Datorama data connectors, as outlined under Datorama’s Connect and Mix capabilities. This includes (125) marketing vendors such as Adobe, Google, and Appnexus, (8) connectors for onboarding flat files, like TSV, XLS, and CSV, (5) e-commerce vendors, and finally, (38) for integrating technical vendors like Vertica, SAP, and Oracle.

APIs: The API Conundrum

APIs are a blessing – until they’re not. Incomplete data? Missing metrics? Delayed projects? Datorama’s answer to these nightmares: TotalConnect.


While many platforms love to brag about their API connectivity, they often lag behind the curve. Want to leave them in the dust? Dive into Salesforce Datorama TotalConnect. To truly unlock its potential, check out our instructor led, Mastering Datorama Fundamentals sessions, starting with episode one, Data Onboarding [go to 11:43 of the video to see the TotalConnect walkthrough].

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