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How PepsiCo Creates Snackable Insights to Optimize Marketing Outcomes

Sponsored Content | Tech-Talk Webinar on January 24, 2022

In this Datorama Webinar, you’ll find out why global marketers have unique data and analytics challenges and how PepsiCo overcame its own operational challenges by unifying data across its channels and silos to drive measurable business results.

Datorama Webinar: Learn how PepsiCo solved its data challenges by:

  • Creating a cohesive ecosystem of marketing data and analytics
  • Partnering with in-house teams, agencies, and technology vendors
  • Developing process efficiencies to improve insights, drive business growth, and accelerate innovation

How We Helped to Help PepsiCo

  • Create a foundation: Connect and unify all data sources in a future-proof model.
  • Turn data into insights: Aggregate campaign performance into full-funnel view.
  • Align marketing team: Give the team ability to access any data they need at any time.

In this Datorama Webinar, Learn more about our approach to Datorama and Augmented Insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flexible foundation
    How do we bring the data together and what are the key metrics required to manage performance? You need a platform that can unify the data but is also robust and dynamic enough to handle creative, media, audience, and placement together.
  • Speed of media
    The insights must move at the speed of media. We are consuming media in multiple ways, places, and channels. The data must be at the same refresh rate and cadence that the media is being delivered. This is how you derive insight that is both snackable and actionable.
  • Curated insights
    There is so much data out in the marketplace. How do you determine what is the right data? What’s needed is a level of curation on top of that data — putting the K back in KPI. This is where Datorama delivers Augmented Insights above and beyond descriptive metrics is important.


Lincoln Faulkner is senior manager, media and data North America at PepsiCo. Lincoln is a data-driven marketer who has been with PepsiCo’s media and data team since 2016. He has experience building media, audience and insights strategies in the US and globally. He now leverages his comprehensive knowledge to build analytical capabilities on the CANVAS Solutions team, PepsiCo’s bespoke digitalized marketing campaign management platform. Lincoln currently lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, two daughters, and their Shiba Inu, Sakura.

Yajaira Gonzalez is Manager of Media Analytics at PepsiCo. Yajaira is a data-driven marketer with a deep knowledge of the latest developments in the digital marketing landscape. She is skilled at building custom solutions focused on driving automation in campaign performance and measurement analysis to deliver greater ROI.

Larry Cohen is Executive Vice President, Customer Success and Data Strategy, at Decision Foundry. In his role, Larry has championed analytics innovation across world-class, leading marketers and delivered tailored business intelligence solutions in Tableau and Datorama. Prior to joining Nabler in 2020, he spent over seven years in the agency world at Epsilon and IPG Mediabrands after a decade in client-side analytics.

Dillon Baker is a senior product marketing manager at Salesforce. He focuses on Datorama and Marketing Intelligence for Marketing Cloud.

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Nancy Taffera-Santos is senior vice president of media solutions and strategy at eMarketer. Nancy has been at eMarketer for over 13 years and oversees the media business, developing programs for leading advertisers. Nancy’s background includes 30 years of sales, marketing, and promotions experience in media, web analytics, and test and measurement hardware. In her downtime, Nancy stays active serving on alumni, nonprofit and trade association boards.

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