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Marketing Cloud Engagement enables businesses to create personalized interactions with customers across channels. By unifying data, leveraging AI, and optimizing content delivery, it strengthens relationships, enhances experiences, and drives growth. Whether through email, social media, or web interactions, it ensures every touchpoint resonates with the audience. Our team of Salesforce certified experts will help you check every box.

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Marketing Cloud Engagement Certified   How Decision Foundry can help

We amplify your Marketing Cloud Engagement program so that you can do more


Assessment and Prioritization

Decision Foundry assesses your business priorities to tailor the implementation for your specific needs. Whether it’s quick wins or long-term personalized customer journeys, our team guides you every step of the way.


Targeted Campaigns

We help you deploy the right campaigns at the right time with the right offerings, ensuring effective customer engagement.


Data-Driven Insights

Decision Foundry utilizes APIs, data strategy, and dashboard builds to provide usable marketing insights. Our scalable data solutions reduce preparation and maintenance efforts, allowing you to focus on value-driven actions.

Marketing Cloud Engagement Services FAQs

Marketing Cloud Engagement goes beyond basic email marketing by providing personalized, cross-channel experiences. It integrates data from various sources and enables targeted messaging across email, SMS, social media, and more.

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Marketing Cloud Engagement offers benefits such as improved customer engagement, better segmentation, automation of personalized journeys, and enhanced reporting and analytics.

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Data is crucial. Marketing Cloud Engagement relies on clean, accurate data for segmentation, personalization, and tracking customer interactions. Proper data hygiene ensures successful implementation.

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Companies should assess their existing data infrastructure, define goals, involve stakeholders, and plan for training and change management.

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Salesforce provides comprehensive implementation guides for Marketing Cloud Engagement. You can explore these guides to set up and administer Marketing Cloud Engagement features and applications. Or simply, consult with our certified experts to get started.

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“We hired Decision Foundry to help us configure SFMC, integrate it with SFDC and build out some automations, a journey template, and some email templates. The results were high quality and project management was competent and effective. Positive impacts of this project have been an increase in email marketing performance due to improved data quality, segmentation, and engagement.”

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